Snappy Packing

kate spade travel wallet, travel pouch, and clutch, which serves double duty!

kate spade travel wallet, travel pouch, and clutch, which serves double duty!

Today I am packing for an upcoming girls trip, and, with summer vacation season upon us, I wanted to share some of my packing rituals, tips and tricks. To start off, I recently took advantage of a kate spade surprise sale, and picked up a mint zippered wallet, cosmetic pouch and large clutch, all pictured above. The accompanying travel essentials card was so adorable, I had to share a pic of it. The wallet is not quite as large as the travel wallet on the kate spade site, however, it has plenty of room for cash, cards, change, and even a lip gloss and my phone, if I wanted to carry around just this piece for a quick lunch excursion. The cosmetic pouch is the perfect size for medications, extra bobby pins, hair ties, chapstick, bandaids, cuticle cream and other items that I like to have close at hand in my carry-on, but don’t want to lose at the bottom of my bag. Lastly, the large clutch is the perfect fit for my Kindle Fire and charger and headphones, and doubles as a purse when I arrive at my destination. Here are some other coordinating options from the site:

Classic & Sweet
wallet, cosmetic bag, pouch
Fun & Funky
wallet, cosmetic bagpouch

Next up are the additional carry-on items I like to bring with me: cosmetics, jewelry, some toiletries…

cram it all in!

cram it all in!

For my carry-on, I am using my kate spade tote, another recent surprise sale purchase {must…un…subscribe…from…emails…} that was really an amazing deal on a colorful, durable and fun bag. There are a few options on the site, one I featured in my recent kate spade sale post, and they all are spacious and adorable, and perfect for travel any time of year. Inside the tote, I have the 3 items I mentioned above, and 3 matching travel cases that I picked up for a steal, with a 20% off coupon, at Harmons Beauty Supply. I purchased the cosmetic box, which has space to keep my brushes organized and safe, and fits all of my other foundation, BB creams and blushes, the travel case, for all of my travel size toiletries, and the pencil case for jewelry storage. The full selection can be found here, each style is more colorful than the next. I have also added a pashmina type wrap that I purchased in Mexico, which doubles as a shawl and a bathing suit cover up, a light sweater for the plane, and a vintage purple straw bag for evenings out- my grandma had some excellent taste!

Here are some other items stowed deeper down in the tote… I told you it was spacious! There is some 5 hour energy to keep me going, some Nexium to counteract the effects of travel indulgences, magazines, a light hooded sweatshirt in a bright yellow hue, another glimpse of the cosmetics bag, and some wipes for my hands, face and body, to keep me feeling fresh while traveling.

Snap Tip:
*I always like to bring a small trinket, whether its for a special occasion, like a birthday or Bachelorette, or I’m staying at someone’s home or vacation rental- think of something practical, but also fun- like nail polish and a unique piece of jewelry, or an edible treat, something homemade works too! As long as it is presented in a colorful gift bag or wrapped in a chic paper, you can’t go wrong. The recipient will remember you fondly! 

If your trip includes beach or pool time, above are a few things I recommend bringing: a great sunscreen that isn’t greasy or sticky, and that will not rub or melt off (more on these and other options below), a sun hat to protect your face, polarized sunglasses and a protective case- isn’t this the cutest case ever?! Find it here. Also, I recently received this large beach blanket as a free gift from Victoria’s Secret, and it is amazing! Very soft, folds up super tiny and folds out into a blanket large enough for 2. I have also included an inexpensive wallet, so that my nice kate spade wallet doesn’t get stained or dirty from lotion, spills or chlorine, and it will keep it sand free. This one is from Brickyard Buffalo, another site I desperately need to unsubscribe from, but can’t! Lastly, I can’t wait to try these lotion wipes from e.l.f., my plan is to use them when we pop inside for lunch, and that they will make my skin smooth and soft with a nice scent. 

I have also laid out one of my favorite and most flattering bathing suit tops, which I purchased in Barbados ages ago, paired up with Old Navy bottoms. Sweetheart bandeau tops, in bold and bright patterns, are really a small busted girls best friend! (More on bathing suits in a later post) I sourced a stronger SPF (50) and aloe after sun lotion at CVS for a steal, and picked up a travel hairspray while in the travel supplies section. Also pictured is an amazing new hair product I found, Lollies Hairties, which are made of swimsuit materials so they dry off quickly, and look really chic on your arm, and come in a plethora of colors. Here is a closer look:

How fun! Now to discuss the most important item that I pack: sunscreen. Maybe it is my older age or maturity, but I didn’t always focus a lot of time or spend a lot of money on suntscreen, and I’m only hoping that I didn’t damage my skin too badly all of those years baking away in the roasting sun. Now I make sure that I am always fully stocked in lotion, even keeping a basket full at my house for guests to use if they forgot their own, or need to re-apply. When taking a trip, I like to have a variety of SPFs, because you just never know, and I have already pictured a 30, 70 and 50. Below are my next choices:

apply liberally and often!!

apply liberally and often!!

On the left is one from the Neutrogena beach defense line, which is my personal favorite, it goes on so silky smooth and feels really weightless. I use the spray on of this regularly, but that can get dangerous when it comes time to reapply, so I like having the option to “grease up” with a lotion, to be sure that every inch of exposed skin is covered.  Next is another Neutrogena, this one specialized for the face, called clear face. This is not greasy at all, and does not clog pores so you can lather up without breaking out. Lastly is an option from Aveeno that I have heard great things about called protect and hydrate. I picked this one up in a 30 SPF, which I find to be my magic number, but which definitely needs frequent reapplication. 

Snap Tip:
*I also picked up a travel size version of beach defense in a 70 SPF in the event that I do burn on my chest or knees, so that I can avoid it getting worse.

I hope this is helpful and will help make your packing a bit easier next time, have a blast on your vacations!


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