BYO Painting Class- a must try! #winanddesignrahway

After our day of outlet shopping and dining in Red Bank, NJ, my friend Natalie and I attended a BYO paining class at Wine and Design, in Rahway, NJ. 

We attempted Flip Flops on Beach , and here is the event description, sounds easy enough… 

Here is Natalie's work of art..

Here is Natalie’s work of art..

Here is mine

Here is mine

I think we did a pretty great job! It was a fun night, and we absolutely became better at painting as the wine bottle became more and more empty 🙂 The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable, and was able to help out anyone who had messed up- but it’s art! You can’t really mess up!!

Everyone’s paintings were great, and we got to take them home to hang in a prominent place! There are really a lot of talented artists who use the studio, and the artwork featured all around you was inspiring and beautiful. It was really a great time!

Thanks again #wineanddesignrahway

Wine and Design gallery

Wine and Design gallery

After the class I made a quick stop to pick up a notebook to help me plan out my blog posts, check it out, fiery red!



I have already planned out quite a few weeks worth of posts, so I hope you keep reading and enjoying!


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