Top 5 Can’t-miss Blogs

Each day I have a ritual, besides the focus and attention on my own blog, I check out a few of my favorites as well, here are my 5 can’t-miss blogs!

  • J’s Everyday Fashion – This was probably my first fashion blog, the one that sparked my interest by offering up suggestions for copying high fashion looks on any budget. I use this site daily as a resource to help me to find new ways to wear my existing wardrobe and also gather ideas on what to buy next. Plus how cute is J?!

  • Pink Peonies – Rach of Pink Peonies just has such a way of putting together outfits that I find aspirational. I aspire to recreate her looks with what I have in my own closet. Feminine and chic, I always leave the site with a.few more pins on my style boards (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)

  • View Along the Way – This blog my go to for home improvement ideas, step-by-step DIY instructions, and great room makeovers. I really appreciate the hard work put into each project, and my boyfriend and I share the same passion for doing things ourselves. Absolutely check it out.

  • The Pioneer Woman – This list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to my favorite cooking blog. I’ve borrowed more than a few of Ree’s recipes and each one has made for a spectacular dinner party, holiday preparation or weeknight meal. The photos are great, and Ree provides a really nice tutorial before including the recipe, injected with her own style of cooking and flair. Her personality is what has kept me coming back to read daily, even when a new recipe isn’t posted. I just love getting a little glimpse of life on the ranch and reading Ree’s writing. The giveaways are also fantastic, and you can watch The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network!

  • Gal Meets Glam – Gal Meets Glam really rocks as far as photography, each photo is top notch, with great lighting, color, juxtaposition and balance. I really enjoy checking in daily to see what looks, backdrop and scenery Julia has put together.

I follow them all on Bloglovin’, be sure to follow me and all my favorites too, and let me know what your favorite blog is below! I then wrap up my morning ritual by visiting Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, making a quick stop at Tumblr, and then taking my adorable Boston Terrier for a nice long walk outside!

your new faves


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Can’t-miss Blogs

  1. Tami says:

    The only one I know of from that list is Pioneer Woman. I love that blog. I also watch her show on Food Network. I will check out the others today.


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