Talkin’ about Nails!

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite past time, getting my nails done (or doing my own). I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t love to have amazing nails, changed for events and season, and always complimenting her sense of style.

“I’m going to use up all of my old nail polish
before I buy new nail polish…
said no woman ever”

🙂 That’s one of my favorites, but, in all seriousness, a great looking hand starts well before the polish goes on. I maintain healthy cuticles, something I’ve struggled with for years, by using Julep’s Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, and rotating between Julep’s Rock Star Hand Crème, and L’Occitane Hand Cream in Shea Butter. I use a file to keep my cuticles in check, and do not use cuticle scissors ever! Well, almost never, certainly not at the nail salon, and only in “nail emergencies,” when you just can’t let that stray hang nail go!!

The polish featured in the first image is a bright hot pink, that I chose for my recent trip to Las Vegas. It just seemed to fit the locale so well, and really was accented nicely by a bright orange toe.

I regularly get a gel manicure done at my local salon, and I am addicted to these! I love how long they last and how pretty my nails stay for the 2 weeks in between trips! You cannot beat the shine and strength of a gel manicure, in my opinion, and I just love how polished (no pun intended) my hands look for work and extra-curricular activities.

I have been taking Biotin a lot more recently and my skin, hair and nails look fantastic and healthy, I highly recommend adding this to your beauty regimen, One down side is that my nails have been growing a bit faster, causing me to get my nails done more frequently. Given that it is summer and there are so many events, I don’t mind, this way I’m always coordinated. 


My go-to spring and summer shade is a bright persimmon, perfect when you’re feeling a little patriotic, because it passes for red, but also can be worn with bright oranges or yellows, or a turquoise as pictured above, perfect for the transition into summer.

One of my favorite colors to get is a variation of coral, shown above, and I photographed them against my pale pink kate spade wallet (similar) to emphasize just how neutral this color is!

Next up is a pale purple, similar to Essie’s Go Ginza, which is one of my go-to summer toe polishes. I paired this color with a chic lip gloss in a punchy purple for a very fun summery look!

One of my favorite fun options is to add an accent nail in glitter, this time I chose to accent my turquoise nails with a pop of silver glitter on the middle finger (perfect for flipping people off! j/k).

A great option for in-between seasons is a reverse french, combining a darker fall or winter color, with a bright, light and fresh color for the line.

For more nail inspiration, check out my Pinterest board, Nailed It.

Follow SnapGinger’s board Nailed It on Pinterest.


What is your favorite nail color trend? What about combinations for nails and toes?!


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