Top 5 Apps for Getting Organized!

Happy Monday! It’s time for another Top 5 post, this time on my go-to apps. All links to download are included so you can get organized!


Snapseed is my favorite photo editing app, it manages to expose parts of a photo that I didn’t know were there, but always dreamed would be. It makes me look like a wayyy better photographer than I am. It is user friendly and saves photos automatically to a separate folder (on my Android devices) making it easy to determine which images are the garbage and which to keep or share, which can be done right from the app!




PicLab is an app I more recently started using, in conjunction with Snapseed. I will often edit my photos first with Snapseed, then upload them to PicLab to add frames, text, funky characters and overlays. I am still learning the tweaks and subtleties of this app, as it is not the most user friendly, but I really enjoy using it. I even used PicLab to create my site logo!


Starbucks is my lifeblood, and the app makes it easy to locate the nearest location, track the funds in my Starbucks loyalty card, how many stars I’ve earned, or how close to a free beverage or food item I am. When I have a free one, I often run to my nearest location 🙂 is a wonderful wallet app, that I use to keep track of which card should be used depending on where I’m spending, to maximize my cash back and rewards points. (Check out my money post for more on this, and my favorite cash back sites)


Last, but not least, is Lastpass, my savior when it comes to remembering any and all passwords for the 100’s of sites I log onto on the regular. Remember one password and all of the others are stored in your vault, easy to search, able to launch and at your fingertips. I do find it cumbersome to enter the password multiple times while I’m using my phone or Kindle Fire, but that safety check is great should my gear get swiped, and the app allows me to stay logged in on my Chrome browser for days and days. 

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