Summer Swimsuit Guide

Today I’m taking a look at some of my favorite swimsuit trends for this season, and the best retailers to purchase them at!

Check out this handy guide first to see what style of swimsuit will flatter your figure the best!

From Left: Top (on sale), Top (on clearance!), Top, Bottom (on clearance!), Bottom, Bottom

From Left: Top (on sale), Top (on clearance!), Top, Bottom (on clearance!), Bottom, Bottom

For me, I like to play up the “girls” with a sweetheart neckline, ruffle detail, pattern and some ultra-flattering padding for a boost! 😉 Victoria’s Secret has so many options, and offers a lot of sizing options, including being able to purchase your cup size for a perfect fit! No more S-M-L for the “girls”!!!

Another flattering and comfy top featured below is the Body Wrap Swim Top from PINK (Vickie’s “younger” line). I just couldn’t pass up the fun color combination of this top, and the fact that it pairs well with the 4 black bottoms that I purchased last year. I started a campaign to stop wearing matching swimsuits, hence the black bottoms, and the solid color bottoms featured below.

Speaking of my favorite bottoms, Vickie’s has a lot of style options for bottoms, but I always veer towards the Cheeky Hipkini. You really can’t beat the flattering effects of the ruched back and the sides are wide, so they don’t cut into you- banish muffin top!! I purchased the ruffled floral and polka dot top last season, and picked up the ruffled bottom to match this season on sale (it’s priced even lower now) and I absolutely do not plan on wearing them together! 😉 I just love that pattern combination and the flattering ruffles.

Next I wanted to feature a high-waisted pin up style swimsuit that I found on Brickyard Buffalo. The inventory changes almost daily on this site, so I can’t guarantee that they will feature this suit again, but I have found other options on multiple sites- this price on this one was just amazing, and it’s so patriotic!

Here are some really great options for high-waisted suits, at really good prices and in really fun colors and patterns!

To the right is a photo I snapped while packing for a recent trip, and another high-waisted option pictured bottom center. This one is also from Brickyard Buffalo, but the options above are very similar!

While we’re on the subject of purchasing new suits: Here are some great tips from Fab Sugar on keeping your swimsuit in shape! These include pre-treating, rinsing after swimming, hand washing, and saying no to twisting it dry or putting it in the dryer!

From Left: Top, Top- similar, Bottom (on clearance), Bottom, Bottom

From Left: Top, Top- similar, Bottom (on clearance), Bottom, Bottom

Now onto the Target section of my inventory. I love Target’s swimwear options because you can’t beat the quality that you get for the price you pay! The pale peach top is coated with tiny metallic beads, this photo doesn’t do them justice, they are so pretty and delicate. The padding on the blue top is pretty great, and I liked to a similar top that I also own in a neon pink- I highly recommend it, the “girls” will thank you. 

As for the bottoms, are you noticing the similarity of these bottoms and the top I snatched from VS? I know- but, don’t fret, I won’t wear them together, I am just a big fan of the mint, peach and black color combo.

The mint bottoms are a great option in an on trend color for this season, though they aren’t as flattering as the VS ruched bottoms. The blue and purple lace option is very very sexy, those cut outs fall right on your hip bones and flash just the right amount of skin.

Check out my packing post for all of your needs beyond the swimsuit!

Check out my packing post for all of your needs beyond the swimsuit!

Just where are you going to lay your beautifully suited behind?! The exotic and tropical locale is up to you, but make sure you’re laying on one of these amazing beach towels– Thanks Glitter Guide!


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