Last week I took the “fitness wristband” plunge and purchased a Jawbone UP from Amazon. I have been inspired by the #100daysofhappy campaigns I have seen to do something just for me. I figured improving my health and well-being was the best option! 

I don’t have any goals in mind, just steady improvements on how much I’m moving around, how well I’m eating and how much sleep I get each night. What better way to keep track than here on SnapGinger Blog!

The UP tracks your steps, monitors your sleep and works in conjunction with My Fitness Pal to track what you eat. This makes it a pretty comprehensive gadget, in chic fun colors! I compared the Jawbone UP with the Jawbone UP24 and the FitBit Flex and found the UP to have the best features and style for the price.

The UP24 is the newer model,  and is Bluetooth Enabled for syncing, the only upgrade from the UP.  In order to sync the UP, you remove it and plug it into your smartphone. For me, this isn’t a hassle and I sync it while I shower.  As you can see, I went with the mint color, currently not available on the Jawbone UP24, (though they do have a fun lemon lime color), which was my deciding factor for purchase. It is a fashion statement too right?!

Here is one of the reviews I used to decide, what option would you choose?

Now onto the metrics from my first week! I have to admit, I forgot to put the band on sleep mode twice, and wasn’t as active during this time as I’d like to be, but overall I’m getting used to the scrutiny!

9-29, that's my lucky number!

During the first week I hit my sleep goal of 8 hours 3 times, and kept track of everything I ate. It is so amazing how many calories you shrug off as negligible, when they really do all add up! I look forward to continuing my journey on this road to #100days of Get Moving, and I hope I’ve inspired some of you to do the same!

How do you stay motivated?

UPDATE 7.22.14:

I wanted to share a few updates from the last week! I reached 50,000 steps- woooo go me! And I feel Amazing! I love the smiley graphics, they make some of those extra steps worthwhile.

Also, wanted to share the “Did You Know” from yesterday– the card goes on to say that drinking 3-6 cups of coffee per day may “provide hydrating qualities similar to water.” As a daily drinker, the card also says that I have grown accustomed to coffee’s “diuretic effects.” Think I’ll have another cup 😉

UPDATE 7.29.14:

This past week has been really hard for me as far as the UP band is concerned. I ordered a small off Amazon, and I really wish I had gone to the store to try it on first, because it is a little too small! So in the extreme heat, my body is screaming at me MY WRIST IS SUFFOCATING PLEASE TAKE IT OFF PLEASE NOW, and I do. Then my steps aren’t counted. I had it in my purse on Saturday after a while, so my steps weren’t as high as they should have been, without my arm swinging in the breeze. I still managed to hit my goal, and I passed a self-imposed fitness goal yesterday. I doubled it actually! Woo!

UPDATE 8.5.14:

This week I wanted to share some of the activities I did in my effort to “Get Moving!” My honey and I took a 6 mile bike ride. We move a little slower than others, because, as you may have read, I just learned how to ride a bike last year. I apparently make terrible footwear choices for bike riding, because my honey got me some new sneakers to wear. It helps that they’re bright neon and adorable. He knows me so well 😉

UPDATE 8.13.14:

I got a new Jawbone UP band!! I absolutely loved the band that I had, how could you not get happy with that bright mint color?! However, it was strangling my wrist, on a daily basis. So I had to trade it in for a Medium. While I was at it, I switched to black, not only because black is the new black, but I got a bit of a credit back from Amazon. Here is my new band, and a link to purchase it!

Of course I’m wearing black the day the band arrives! That was only a little bit (read: totally) on purpose! I don’t have much progress to share, since I exchanged bands and didn’t wear it for almost a week. I was at the beach and kept myself moving though, so I feel confident that I offset at least a little of the yummy food and drinks! Here is some inspiration from the UP app, to keep us moving!!

UPDATE 8.20.14:

So, in a true effort to boost myself and get moving, I started running again! I figured, why not?! I must have been inspired by my new IWYP tank that matched my new Jawbone UP. So I took Roxy with me, and she is such a good little runner! Actually, its more of a brisk walk for her- she just sorta hops along beside me. I can’t help but imagine she’s thinking “Hi this is fun, we’re doing this now? Where we go faster? That’s cool!” I’m really loving it though.

The pain in my hip subsides after a run, and my abs are so sore the next day. We have lots of pretty terrain to run on around our house, and a lot of uphill and downhill options.  

I also snagged this handy calendar from Little Miss Fearless that I wanted to share, it should totally help you get in the running game!!

Source: Little Miss Fearless

Source: Little Miss Fearless

UPDATE 8.27.14:

I apparently have done a lot of sleeping with this Up app! 😉 It’s absolutely a good thing though, you need your sleep when you’re active throughout the day. I am continually running, I even brought my sneakers down to the shore with me, and little Roxy loves being my running partner! (Quick walk for her and her 4 legs, cheater!) We are babysitting my honey’s nephew this week and are taking him to the park, so I am so glad I found this guide on How Does She! I love building in fun outdoor activities into my work outs!

Source: How Does She?

Source: How Does She?

Here is a fun fact about beets and lowering blood pressure, who knew?!

UPDATE 9.4.14:

Happy September all! It is so nice to be active as the weather gets cooler! Taking longer walks with Roxy and running has really increase my steppage (technical term) and I have gone back to my beloved yoga! I am so happy! I took a break from it in the summer. Not that I didn’t enjoy going to yoga, but who wants to be inside when you can be outside being active?! I really missed it for its restorative properties!

If you’re interested in trying it at home, try the Pocket Yoga app. It is great, and I have used a few times when I couldn’t make it to a class.

Source: Pocket Yoga

Source: Pocket Yoga

Here is a site I discovered recently featuring unlimited yoga classes you can take right at home!

Source: YogaGlo

Source: YogaGlo

One thing that is super crucial in yoga, and in exercise in general, is controlling your breathing! The UP app seems to agree and has a helpful tip for you!

We’re nearing the 60 day mark, so remember to Get Moving!!

UPDATE 9.11.14:

Today Meagan at Because of Jackie is sharing some of her fitness inspirations, and these super cute running sneaks! 

Win some awesome sneaks with Because of Jackie

Win some awesome sneaks with Because of Jackie

And here are some great tips from How Does She- 17 Natural Weight Loss Hacks that can help you lose fast(er)!

Source: How Does She

Source: How Does She

UPDATE 9.24.14:

UPDATE 10.1.14:

It’s officially October and we’re in the home stretch of the #100daysofGetMoving challenge! I left my UP bracelet home for a week, but still challenged myself on my own. I ended up taking a 2 mile walk on the beach with my bestie and Roxy, and I was so proud! Part of me wished I had the bracelet on to see how many steps it was! haha

I also came across this amazing post this morning of some simple changes that you can make t your daily routine from Nadine at East&: 5 Lifestyle Changes.

5 Lifestyle Changes from Nadine at East&

5 Lifestyle Changes from Nadine at East&

UPDATE 10.8.14:

This weekend my friends and I participated in Race for the Cure, read more about it here, and we walked the 4K Health Walk. It was so fun, and so heartwarming, plus an amazing workout!! Plus, how cute are we in all of our pink, raising breast cancer awareness to boot!

UPDATE 10.22.14:

We’re nearing the end!! 10/25 marks the end of my personal #100daysofGetMoving challenge. If you’ve followed along with me, that is awesome, and congrats to you! I’ve learned so much about getting motivated and keeping myself moving and going over this time, and it’s been great to have the little voice in my head constantly pushing me to get up and go! Above is the result of another day of walking, talking and fun with my friends, and I couldn’t be happier!


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