Top 5 Daily Email Subscriptions


I love this one because the cause is close to my heart. Each day you receive an email that gives you the opportunity to donate 10 pieces of kibble to shelter animals, with just one click. The email is art up as a trivia question that you click through to answer. They are always interesting and often cute or funny, and the kibble is donated whether your answer is correct or not! According to the site, 1,212,866,160 pieces of kibble have been donated since April 1, 2008!


For financial advice, budgeting software and tools to help you manage your finances, Learnvest is your best bet. The best part for me is the articles that help me to stay focused when it comes to savings, retirement, and student loan repayment. They are easy to relate to, and make me feel like part of a community, and that I am not the only one looking for smarter ways to manage my money. 

For more, check out my money post!


Bloglovin’ awards me more time in my day, hands down. I no longer have to click through site by site to see if my favorite bloggers have posted something new! My feed is easily accesible, which gives me more time to engage in the content I’m interested in. That means more time posting comments, re-tweeting my favorites and pinning away!

Follow on Bloglovin


This is one of my new favorites, it’s a one stop shop for all things home and each post is prettier than the last. Houzz contributors also post some amazing and comprehensive guides. The include info on home buying, the best materials for your budget, standards and practices and more. It’s not quite a daily, but there is quite a bit of content in each newsletter, so much that I find myself tackling a few links a day.

Eat This Not That

I have subscribed to this newsletter for as long as I can remember. I find the tips easy to stick to, helping me to eat healthy while not depriving myself of things like dining out. There are often great guides for quick and easy breakfasts, light lunch options and delicious smoothies. (Have you checked out my smoothie post yet?) There is only one link daily so if the topic doesn’t interest you, it’s a simple delete.

While we’re discussing email subscriptions, don’t forget to sign up for the SnapGinger Blog Snappy Subscription! 

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