Books I’m Reading- July ’14

You Should Have Known

By Jean Hanff Korelitz

Coast Road

By Barbara Delinsky

The Maze Runner (Book 1)

By James Dashner

Maze Runner is a series, and I fully intend to read them all, so keep an eye out for more on future lists!


Wild– This book is hard to read at times. The struggles of Cheryl Strayed are so real, her writing so authentic, that you feel her pain, and her shamefulness. She makes a mess of things after her mother’s early passing, but straightens herself out throughout her journey up the PCT. This is something I would never have the strength or courage to do, hike thousands of miles by myself. Endure the pains and struggles that Ms. Strayed does. But I applaud her fearlessness, and her weakness. I cannot wait to see Reese Witherspoon bring this character, this woman, to life on the big screen.

#GIRLBOSS- #GIRLBOSS is a quick read, I finished it on the plane to Vegas, but its highly entertaining. There are tons of good pointers and “you go girl” moments in this memoir of sorts. Sophia Amoruso is hilarious, and it is her writing that keeps this book connected, though the format is a bit choppy. I recommend it for anyone starting out their own business, blog, or life venture. Very inspiring!

My Mother Was Nuts- I didn’t actually get to this book in June, but it is still on my list, since it sounds hilarious, read the reviews here.

The Art of Racing in the Rain- The story of Enzo, told by him, is so heartbreaking, and so wonderful at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I couldn’t wait to get back to it to read more. I am convinced now that Roxy has similar thoughts and feelings to Enzo, and carries on this internal monologue every day. If only I could listen in, like I did with Enzo in this book. Don’t waste another minute not reading it 🙂

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