Don’t be a No-Reply Blogger! (Even if you don’t Use Blogger)

How delighted I was to open my inbox and see an email from Tami at Friday Morning Buzz this morning! The email was bad news though! Tami had tried responding to one of my comments and couldn’t reach me via email. Oh no!!! Seriously, how sweet is she?! She’s wonderful, go check out her blog now. I’ll wait!

You’re back? Great! Apparently I was set up as a no-reply blogger on Blogger, even though I don’t use Blogger for my site. (I use SquareSpace, isn’t it pretty?!) Anyway, Tami had sent me two tutorials on how to change this setting, but they didn’t work for me, since I don’t use the Blogger platform. If you do use Blogger, stop reading and go visit these two fantastic tutorials:

Anyone Can Decorate: Are You A No Reply Blogger?

Venus Trapped in Mars // Google+ The Ultimate No Reply Blogger

If you don’t use Blogger for your blog, but comment on a ton of blogs that use it to publish, I put together a few steps below to help you to change this setting!

Step 1- Go to the Blogger site and log-in if necessary. Notice my blogs section is empty, because I don’t use Blogger. Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your Reading List.

Step 2- Clearly, I follow my own blog. If you don’t support yourself, who will?! Anywho, click on “Settings.” 

Step 3- A window will pop up and you might be required to log-in. My Blogger account was set up to use my Google profile. There are a few other options, like Twitter, but you want to click “Change” to change that to use Blogger.

Step 4- Under your photo it should say “Currently using your Blogger Profile.” Next click “Edit Blogger Profile.” 

Step 5- Yet another window will open, prompting you to go back to Blogger to edit your profile. Very efficient, Google. Click “Edit my profile at Blogger.”

Step 6- You will see the options to edit your user profile. Click the box next to “Show my email address.” This is the blogging Holy Grail. I can’t wait to start receiving responses via email! Weeeee! Remind me to thank Tami!

Step 7- Don’t forget to click “Save Profile” at the bottom! You’ve made it, aren’t you proud of yourself?! {High Five}

I hope I was able to help you, let me know if you have questions, and enjoy this whole new world of bloggy conversations. Thanks again Tami! Now go comment at Friday Morning Buzz!!


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