A Weekend in Newport

In May my honey decided to surprise me with a romantic weekend in Newport, RI. Isn’t he thoughtful?! He is the cutest, he kept the destination a secret from me up until a few weeks before. He remembered that Newport is one of my favorite weekend destinations, so I was thrilled when he finally told me where we were going. I had been doing a lot of trip shopping with Newport in mind, so luckily that worked out. I don’t think my bright preppy outfits would have worked as well somewhere less nautical and cheery. 😉

Here are some of our trip highlights and details!

Road Trip! We set out from home and did our usual rituals: picked up Pizzeria Pretzel Combos to munch on, bottles of water, beef jerky (how long is this trip anyway?!), and iced coffee; sang at the top of our lungs to a mix if Indie rock, 90’s rock, classic rock, and smooth acoustic covers; yelled at drivers from other states (Jersey stereotype number 5000 debunked: we are NOT the worst drivers, sorry PA); ignored the GPS and found back roads to take (re-calculating…); and laughed at each other the entire time!

We made a pit-stop in Mystic, CT (thanks for the rec #teammulvey) and I took this pic of the weather-vane and flowers at the brewery where we had lunch. 

We made it to Newport in one piece and checked into the adorable bed & breakfast that my honey booked- it was very quaint, and was 5 minutes walking distance to everything- good job my love!

I immediately changed into the preppiest pants I own, and we walked down to Thames Street to check out the shops, bars, restaurants and the Newport Harbor. There is some amazing seafood in Newport, and we had it with every meal. My honey had the best lobster roll, I am unfortunately allergic so I couldn’t even taste it, but my crab cake wasn’t so bad 😉

We had drinks and clams outside watching the sites, and headed to The Black Pearl for a late dinner. This is such a romantic place, I love the vibe- like you’re in the belly of an old ship. Make sure to stop in there if you’re in Newport!

The next day we rented the most ridiculous vehicle known to man and scootered our way along the coast. We saw some amazing little beaches, carved out of the rock. Some awesome homes (read: mansions) with the most amazing views and stopped by The Breakers for some history and opulence.

Isn’t it breathtaking?! The weather was a bit too cold for swimming, but I’d love to go back later in the summer to take advantage of the amazing coastline.

That evening we had, surprise surprise, seafood again- this was the best meal I had on the trip. We stopped at a hole in the wall bar, saddled up, and ordered a few rounds of fresh oysters and clams, and some frosty pints. I ordered garlicky shrimp alfredo for my main course and it was divine! So salty, with sweet shrimp and that garlicky bite! {drooling} My honey had the fisherman’s platter which was scrumptious, but not as good as mine! ha!

Here is my favorite photo of us from the trip! We had such a wonderful time, which we always do, it’s just so nice to reconnect on a romantic weekend away!

What do you think? Will you be visiting Newport anytime soon? What is your favorite romantic weekend getaway spot?

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