Top 5 Favorite Book Series

Looking for a book series that you just can’t put down? It’s list time on SnapGinger Blog, this week it’s a list of my #top5 Favorite Book Series. You won’t want to miss any of these!


I cheated a little here, and included 3 series as number one. I just couldn’t decide! They all feature main characters named Harry: Harry Potter, of J.K. Rowling infamy; Harry Hole, star of Jo Nesbo’s detective series; and Harry Dresden, Chicago wizard and all-around bad-ass. (I never promised I wasn’t a nerd!)


The Nightside – This series is dark and magical, it’s a true escape from the everyday. You’ll wish it was always 3 am!


Dexter – Besides alliteration, Jeff Lindsay is also really good at spinning a sick, twisted story. The Dexter books don’t disappoint, and neither does the series. I managed to convince my honey to watch the show with me, on a Netflix binge. Hopefully I can convince you to read the books, which are so much more entertaining!


The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries – This choice is pure fun. By morning, the owner of the Gray Whale Inn bakes muffins and scones for her guests, by evening, she’s solving murder mysteries. Add in a nautical backdrop and a dash of romance, plus all of the recipes from the story. What more can you ask for?


The Sookie Stackhouse Series- I remember waiting anxiously for season 1 of True Blood to finally air. My gfs and I had all read the books up to that point, and got together in our then apartment with snacks and martinis and settled in for a girly-vammpire-fest of epic proportions. The intro was sexy, we all had the “I Wanna Do Bad Things With You” song as our ringtones after we heard it, and the series held so much promise. They were following the books! Our fan-fiction dreams were coming true! Shortly after the season 2 premiere I started to realize that we couldn’t have been further from the truth. HBO wasn’t sticking to the books, and I was no longer interested. I know I didn’t give it that much of a shot, but there was something about taking a one-chapter character like Marianne and basing an entire season on her that irked me. I do highly recommend the books. They’re girly and fun, quick reads, and I enjoyed every last one of them!

I hope you enjoyed my choices for book series favorites! Have you read any of these books?What are some of your favorites?

your new faves


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