What to do in NJ – Go to the Balloon Festival

Sunshine, great company and balloons, what more could you ask for?! My honey and I attended the Balloon Festival over the weekend with our friends and it was such a fun day! There was an accompanying carnival with rides, games and lots of naughty and delicious food. I, of course, got a funnel cake. Is there ever a time when you turn down funnel cake? Did I mention there were hot air balloons everywhere?! I highly recommended you attend a balloon festival if there is one nearby!

It was a gorgeous and warm sunny day, but the balloon ascension was delayed, because it was slightly windy. I’m sure it was more than slightly windy, but it really didn’t feel like it on the ground. I was glad I wore shorts and sandals (the shorts were from my recent outlet shopping trip and the sandals part of my July Haul) because we were wishing for more wind! Ha! But the balloons needed to wait for the officials to lower the red flag and raise the green. Silver lining: the photos ended up including the sunset too. Ballooning: ideal conditions about 3 days a year.

Once the balloons were finally clear to go, they all inflated and took off at once, it was awesome to see! I couldn’t stop snapping pics, alternating between my phone and camera. #typicalblogger… But I was not alone, everyone was trying to get the perfect shot!

My favorite was the Wicked balloon, which said “Defy Gravity” next to their logo. A double entendre is the quickest way to my heart. After funnel cake. Also, the panda balloon was the fan favorite, it was pretty huge, but he kept mooning us. Nasty little panda!

At night they inflated the other balloons that were in special shapes, like the light house and Angry Bird. It was very cool to see them light up from the fire being used to inflate them. They were set up right next to the stage where 3 Doors Down was playing, so it was duel entertainment. Did I not mention lawn seats to the 3 Doors Down concert were included in our admission fee?! Pretty damn cool, I know! They put on a good 90’s rock band show! We actually all knew more 3 Doors Down songs than we thought. Go figure.

Overall, this was a really fun experience, and something we’ll for sure do again. I have been asked by a few friends to keep them on the list for next year. If you’ll be in NJ in late July of next year, and want to find out more about the balloon festival, click here.

Have you ever been to a balloon festival or gone up in a hot air balloon?


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