The Monthly Snap-up Wrap-up – July

Thanks for joining me for a new monthly post, my Snap-up Wrap-up. July just flew by didn’t it?! I wanted to savor my summer and I feel like it’s slipping between my fingers! Here are some of my favorite things from July, and some highlights from around the interwebs! And of course, what happened on SnapGinger!

This month’s Fave SG Post

This month’s Fave Pins







This month’s Fashion

This month’s Fave reads

t.o. & fro: Funny River Pups

I Heart Organizing: Garage Update: Outdoor Toy Organization

Strawberry Tart Cocktail – Pink Heels Pink Truck

Sweet Tooth – A Beautiful Mess

Glam Home Offices for Go-Getters

The Budget Beauty Blog: The Korean Skincare Routine and Steps

How I became a college Cheerleader- Beyond the Khaki Pants

6 Minute Fat Blasting Workout! – YouTube

This month’s Pick-me-up Playlists

There are no items to display from the selected collection.

This month’s Fave Book

How was your July?! I hope you have amazing plans for August- enjoy the sunshine and daydreaming while you can!


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