I Heart My #BostonTerrier

It was Roxy’s 2nd Birthday the other day, and I got to thinking about all the ways I love her. I am a proud pet owner, and I am not ashamed to show it! Here are a few items I’ve picked up along the way that really show how much I love my Boston Terrier Roxy!

This tee from Urban Outfitters, picked up on major clearance. I would have bought it full price 😉

Assorted kitchen towels, not just decorative, but functional too!

A terrier tote bag to corral all of Roxy’s things for weekend trips. It’s her weekender bag, she’s very stylish.

Anything from the Roxy brand- this one is specific to my Boston, but I’m sure you can name your dog Hurley or Prada and apply the same thinking.

This amazing hand painted ornament from a really talented Etsy-er. Goodness knows I love this site!

This stamp, which I now use to seal every envelope I’m sending out. It really adds that personal touch!

I hope you enjoyed my little ode to Roxy– What fun dog themed items have you picked up along the way?


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