My new Haircut

You know the feeling: your hair feels like its slowly creeping down your back and will surely reach your feet soon! It’s fried, damaged, brassy and you just can’t do anything with it. I’m sure we’re all being a bit dramatic, but, to you, in that moment, the only thing that will help you is a new haircut!

I found myself in this situation a few weeks ago– I wasn’t even scheduled for a haircut, but I called my salon, and updated my appointment to include one. I was SO excited to get there!

I showed up, donned my cape and sipped my Starbucks until my stylist was ready for me! Check out those ends! I was in need of some color to cover my grays, and to tone out my highlights. I could have just left the salon at that point amiright?! 😉

It was time for my cut! I gave a rough estimate of where I wanted it to fall to Sami, my stylist, and she went to work. I only annoyed her a little bit by snapping pics the entire time ha!

I went a little shorter than I initially planned, but it will give me time to let it grow! I love it, and I couldn’t be happier!

In case you’re wondering where I go, it’s called Vanity Salon, in Montclair, NJ. Visit their Facebook page here!


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