A Weekend in OCMD

My honey and I couldn’t wait for August to roll around, because it meant we were headed to Ocean City, MD for a long weekend with friends! We were staying in a fantastic house on the bay, and made big plans to lounge on the beach, play in the waves, and drink as many Bloody Mary’s as possible! (None as good as our recipe though!) Keep reading for food, fashion, fun and your complete guide to a weekend in OCMD!

We blended up some daquiris the second we arrived (It did say “Welcome Aboard” on the wall, so, when in Rome), and headed to the bay to dip our toes in. The house had great nautical decor, and was the perfect backdrop for some amazing sunsets. We had to represent Rutgers with our corn hole boards. I apparently can only land the bean bag directly in the hole, or miss the board entirely. How cute is the yellow grill?!

I knew I wanted to wear as many bright colors as humanly possible, because, that’s just how I roll. Remember my July Haul from last month?  And the neon J. Crew dress I picked up on major sale? I had it hemmed and it is the cutest! See how I wore that, and the patterned shorts I picked up below!

Are you planning a trip to OCMD yet?! If you need ideas of what to do and where to go while you’re there, peruse my photos below. We had quite a few drinks at quite a few great restaurants, and spent as much time outside enjoying the beautiful weather as we could. We played mini golf, got ice cream, and caught a marlin festival- I’ve never seen fish that big! There are some family friendly options as well, Ocean City really has it all!

Take me back!! I’d gladly get right back in the car and head right back to the beach! I’ll have to settle for some homemade lobster rolls (I’ll make mine with shrimp- random lobster allergy) and the Sunday Comics!

I hope you enjoyed my trip recap, and I hope you find some time to head to the beach before summer is over!!

your new faves


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