Books I’m Reading- August ’14

Land of Love and Drowning: A Novel


By Tiphanie Yanique

I just finished this book, the final in the All Souls Trilogy, which I recommended in my #top5 Trilogies post, and it was a great end to a fun and whimsical witchy romance series!


You Should Have Known– this one really drew me in at first, and then became so predictable- it’s great chick lit, and will make for a good beach read, but it’s not one I recommend highly.

The Vacationers– this is a perfectly good novel, and a fun beach read, set in paradise- what more could you ask for on your summer reading list?!

Coast Road– this one reminded me of “The Descendants,” which is a fantastic George Clooney movie, set in Hawaii, how much more perfect for summer can you get?! Oh where was I? Yes, the book, it’s like the movie, except in reverse? Sorta?  It’s worth a read, and def watch the movie when you are finished 🙂

The Maze Runner– I didn’t get to read the Maze Runner yet, the final installment in the All Souls Trilogy snuck up on me (where was my Amazon alert when I needed it?!) But I fully intent to get to it this month, hence shrinking down my list.

your new faves


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