What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway!

This summer my honey and I have been king and queen of the weekend getaway. It’s a nice way to see someplace new over the summer, and really experience everything the East Coast has to offer! But how do you pack for a weekend getaway?! What if it’s chilly in the evening? Or wayyyy too hot during the day? What if you end up somewhere very fancy, or only have heels to wear to a beach bar? This actually happened to me, which is why I only travel with wedges and flats now, you don’t have to tell me twice! 

I have already done my guide to snappy packing, which covered a lot of the items I would carry on to a plane, but a weekend trip is different! Here are my tips for packing for a weekend getaway!

Depending on the locale, I will pick out the colors and patterns appropriately. For Newport, RI, I wanted everything to be preppy and nautical, but not so different from my usual style. I added a few colorful and patterned buttons downs and some bright pants to my usual neutral tees and metallic sandals and I was set. 

For the trip to Ocean City, MD, I wanted to pack the brightest items I owned! I also wanted to incorporate some items I had picked up during July sale season and I knew I wanted to bring pretty much every pair of sunnies I own. I offset this by packing only 4 pairs of shoes. For 4 days. Priorities man! I packed up some of my great recent finds, and some tried and true staple pieces and laid out everything in advance to see how it all worked. I really did try not to over pack too much. I only had a few items leftover that I didn’t wear, so I was happy!

What I packed bright and new: A patterned pair of shorts were a must (from J. Crew); A camo sweatshirt for looking fab and staying warm; Sunnies, sunnies and more sunnies! My new black oens from kate spade are my fave! A neon pink quilted bag with coordinating pom pom sandals, so very fun and comfy; My floppy hat, and a fun bow belt; Big, glittery baubles and jewels and bright lip glosses. Last, but not least, my neon yellow dress from J. Crew.

What I packed tried and true: A pair of basic white shorts; Basic tees in white and gray and tanks in a pale purple and a white with a muted pattern; A comfy black sweatshirt for colder weather; A chic cross-body bag in the brightest yellow I could find and equally bright yellow sandals- these 2 are a summer staple for me! My go-to coordinating color belts: bright yellow, mint, hot pink. (I am not a basic black girl at all!) Swimsuits that coordinate, but are mis-matched, and some cover up shorts and dresses; My favorite cozy sweatpants, and eyelet sleepy shorts. Metallic gold wedges, a maxi dress and a hot pink sweater, perfect for the chilly nighttime activities we did. Like mini-golfing and eating ice cream ha!

Here are some photos you might remember of some of my outfits.

I hope I could demystify packing for a weekend getaway for you! I’m a regular pro by now 😉 What do you normally pack for a weekend getaway?

your new faves


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