Makeup under $20: BH Cosmetics

Yay for me, this is my 100th SG post!! WOOOO!

So of course it has to be special! Today I want to introduce you to some amazing makeup, under $20! I read Jamie’s blog Glam Latte daily, and she always looks gorgeous and stylish! So when I saw that she used BH Cosmetics, and raved about the quality and price point, I couldn’t wait to make a purchase and try them out for myself. They did not disappoint, thanks Jamie for introducing me to my favorite makeup!

Check out the photos to get a glimpse of the fun, colorful and amazingly packaged products, my reviews are below!!

These are a few of my favorite things about BH Cosmetics:

Highly Pigmented- One swipe and the color shows through true to the palette! And prettier in some cases! The blush is the most vibrant I’ve every used, and the colors are so complimenting! A little bit goes a long way.

Long Wearing- They last all day! I have to break out my oil cleanser or a make up removing wipe to remove, which I would do anyway!

Easy Application- The shadows and blush are easy to apply, with little fall out, and they’re really blendable. I often layer multiple blushes for a fun look, and I sometimes get carried away with the number of shadows I want to use- it’s seriously like playing dress up.

Prime, Conceal and Finish- The concealer palette contains all of the shades you’ll need to conceal and correct everything from acne to dark circles, I really like the formula. The eye primer is waterproof, so your brightly hued shadows won’t budge all day. And the matte finishing powder completes any look I try. 

Speaking of, here are some looks that I created with BH Cosmetics!

I really love this stuff!! Head over to BH Cosmetics to check everything out, everything on the site is under $20, with the exception of a few brush sets. But they’re always having sales and special promotions, including free shipping on orders $50 and up! You know I love that!

What do you think, will you try this amazing brand out?

PS- Welcome and Thank You to any new visitors, followers or fans thanks to the #blogtemberchallenge, it has been so fun linking up with you all for the month of September, and reading your awesome and inspiring posts! Special thanks to Bailey Jean from Brave Love Blog for putting this whole thing together, you rock!!

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Last, but certainly not least, I did mention a Giveaway in the subject, and here are the details! I’ve teamed up with Trish from Beyond the Khaki Pants and Bree from The Thing About Joy, and some other great bloggy friends, to Giveaway a $65 Starbucks gift card!! That buys a lot of PSLs!! Enter to win below, good luck to you!!

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Happy 31st Birthday to me!

31 things you might not know about me…

…I love to read super nerdy science fiction books about wizards and supernatural beings and normal people with other-worldly powers!

…Cheaper by the Dozen is my absolute guilty pleasure movie, and it brings me to tears every time.

…I’m an only child, and I want more than 1 child of my own, God-willing.

…I love wearing sunnies. And hats. And sunnies and hats together.

…I call them sunnies and I think I sound cool. {I do not and that’s OK too}

…The place I want to travel most to is Mauritius, an island of the coast of Africa. This desire is entirely based on photos I stalked of someone else’s trip. Plus it’s fun to say.

…Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time. I know every line of dialogue and like to say them before the actors do, in my best impression of their voices. {Clever Girl} This makes it unbearable for anyone to watch it with me.

…I think my Boston Terrier Roxy is the prettiest little dog on the planet. Prettier than your dog even. I know, I’m sorry.

…I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Business Economics with a focus in Food Business. From Rutgers. I remember nothing from any of my college courses.

…I load the dishwasher like it’s a game of Tetris. I top the High Score leaderboard in our household.

…I air guitar and/or air drum to songs when it works. And when it doesn’t.

…I call my parents Geek, and they are my best friends.

…I’m a truck girl, I love driving around my Jeep!

…I used to scrapbook religiously, and then got sick of ripping apart my creations after a break up or falling out with a friend. I would love to get back into it again!

…I am an avid snowboarder, but I am also taking ski lessons each season. I don’t want to be a snowboarding mom- I’m too clumsy!

…I budget each and every penny of my paychecks. Like some sort of ADD riddled squirrel stocking up for the winter.

…I talk to my best friend every day, all day long, via any social network and messaging service that will have us. And then in the evening via text. Because we just have that much to talk about.

…I used to plan large scale trade shows and events and traveled about 2 weeks a month- sometimes I miss it, but most times I’m just happy to be home with my loves!

…I now work in tech for my real job- this has helped me immensely with my blog!

…I enjoy doing laundry. I find it soothing.

…I own The Cosby Show on DVD. And Alf. Did you know his real name is Gordon Shumway?

…I used to write for the school newspaper in high school, and I wrote my own poetry and short stores.

…I love watching Parks & Recreation with my honey an rewinding to listen to the funny parts over and over.

…I am an Android girl all the way, I gave all of my Apple products to my mom. She loves them.

…I’m going to get gushy: I am totally head-over-heels in love with my boyfriend, the love-of-my-life, the star of my heart.

…I’ve read all of the Tucker Max books and I found them hilarious, even though I shouldn’t.

…I think Mitch and Cam from MoFam are my favorite TV couple of all time!

…I have 4 tattoos, you’ll just have to use your imagination to figure out where they are.

…I love watching HGTV, specifically the Property Brothers and Rehab Addict, but I’ll also take Scott McGillivray any day of the week. And also Jillian Harris is super adorable on Love it or List it 2. (love her blog)

…I have been practicing yoga for 2 and a half years now and I love it. It helps to ease the pain from an old snowboarding injury (I crashed into a tree, don’t ask)

…This is my 99th post, check in tomorrow for my 100th!! Thanks for reading SnapGinger, and…

Happy 31st Birthday to meeeeeeee!

PS- I wanted to share my Resources page for the #blogtemberchallenge- so head over and check it out!

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This Weekend…

Today’s topic for the #blogtemberchallenge is Highs and Lows from this month. 

Highs: Eating a delicious Giants donut, having my honey’s parents’ Pit Bull come and stay with us, celebrating my mom’s birthday in the city, hitting a 3 day streak for exercising, putting out gorgeous mums to bring in fall, having my first (iced) PSL of the season, relaxing in this super hot face mask while my honey was away, eating birthday cake m&ms for an early birthday treat!

Lows: Watching the Giants lose so many times, Roxy not enjoying not being an only child dog, waiting so long to see Aladdin with my mom and then it’s over in 3 hours and you just. want. more., being too tired to exercise some days and feeling super lazzzy, saying arrivederci to summer, knowing that the days of iced drinks are coming to an end, missing my honey while he was on his boys weekend, turning another year older (albeit, another year wiser too!)!

Here’s to a Snappy Weekend!

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11 Items on My Winter Wish List

I am just loving the #blogtemberchallenge topic today: Winter Wish List!! Booties, Sweaters and Flannel, Oh My! I am so excited for Winter to come– I know! I’m such a weirdo! But, while Fall is amazing and pretty and lovely, Winter is really when bundling up takes center stage. I am an avid snowboarder, and I can tell you, layering is the key to staying warm! My wish list is comprised of pieces ideal for layering, and will keep you looking chic and fabulous!

Shop the post by clicking the images below, I did include some affiliate links, I’ve got to keep the blog snapping somehow!!

Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List Winter Wish List

11 Items on my Winter Wish List #blogtemberchallenge

What is your favorite piece?! Have you made your Winter Wish List yet? Check out some more ideas on my Pinterest board, Swoon!!

Follow Jamie @ SnapGinger’s board Swoon on Pinterest.

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53+ Uses for Tea Tree Oil search_me = ‘150_23262’; var scriptElems = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’), i=scriptElems.length – 1, curLoc; for (; i; –i) { curLoc = scriptElems[i]; if (‘innerText’ in curLoc) { if (curLoc.innerText.indexOf(search_me)) break; }else if (‘textContent’ in curLoc) { if (curLoc.textContent.indexOf(search_me)) break; }} addImpression(150,23262);var clkHndlr = function(event) { addListenersForClickAround(150,23262, curLoc); };addEvent(window, ‘load’, clkHndlr);

Upon first hearing about Apothecary Extracts, I was immediately excited: Tea Tree Oil was one of those things that I had heard a lot about but hadn’t tried yet. Sort of like Coconut Oil! So when they offered to send me a bottle to try out, I couldn’t resist! I already had a recipe for DIY shower spray (below) queued up and ready to go! Working with Pauline at Apothecary Extracts has just been amazing, and I couldn’t wait for my Tea Tree Oil to arrive to get started.

Here are a few of my favorite Tea Tree Oil uses from Pinterest:







Apothecary Extracts has a great free e-book that features 53+ uses for Tea Tree Oil, and I went ahead and chose some of my favorites to share with you!

To start, here is some history on Australian Tea Tree Oil, you just have to love a classic!

“The origins of tea tree oil and its varied uses date back to the aboriginal Australians in New South Wales, whose oral history indicates that tea tree oil has been used as sort of a ‘catch all’ medicinal ingredient to treat a variety of ailments and injuries. Whether for the common cold or cuts and scrapes, tea tree oil has been a medicinal tradition in the wilds of Australia for centuries. “


Tea Tree Oil can be used on your skin, and one of my favorite uses is to apply tea tree oil for acne! Here is a great recipe for a “spot remover” (or acne remover) that I’ve tried and seems to be clearing up a breakout on my chin!!

Tea Tree Oil Spot Remover
What You Need:

  • 1 oz. Aloe Vera gel
  • 3 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 drops of raw honey
  • Lip balm tube or small tin storage container

Mix It: Use a wooden applicator to stir all ingredients together until blended and 
store in tin storage container. 
Apply It: Place a small amount of the spot remover on the pads of your fingers and 
apply to acne spots. 
Keep refrigerated between uses. 

Since we have a ton of tomatoes from our garden, this next treatment will be something I make:

Refreshing Tea Tree & Tomato Face Wash
What You Need:

  • 1 tsp. pure jojoba oil
  • 3 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • Potato masher or food processor

Mix It: Chop tomato and place it in a bowl, then 
pour tea tree and jojoba oils over it. Mash until a puree is formed.
Apply It: Apply liberally to face and neck. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe 
off with a damp warm wash cloth. 

Here is a great idea for a body scrub, super simple to make and sounds just divine!

Milky Tea Tree Oil Scrub
What You Need: 

  • 1 cup pure coconut butter
  • 10 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • ½ cup whole raw almonds

Mix It: Place almonds in a food processor and pulse about 5 to 8 times, until there 
are tiny pieces remaining but not until you have a fine powder or milk. Add almonds 
to coconut butter and tea tree oil until blended.
Apply It: Rub scrub into face and body in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water and pat skin dry. 

I am constantly in the kitchen, and taking care of things around the house, and my dog Roxy, so an antibacterial hand scrub really appeals to me. Sometimes you just need that extra deep clean!

Antibacterial Hand Scrub
What You Need:

  • Soap dispenser (cleaned with hot water & dried)
  • ½ tbsp. Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup sea salt (medium fine grains)
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil
  • 1/3 cup olive oil

Mix It: Add all ingredients into a wooden mixing bowl and stir until well blended. 
Pour mixture into empty soap dispenser and place in bathroom and kitchen. 
Apply It: Pump handle once into your hands and rub thoroughly, about 30 
seconds, before rinsing with hot water. 

After years and years of coloring my hair, I often battle with dry scalp, and tea tree oil is the perfect combatant to a dry scalp! I love that this rinse includes lavender, for its heavenly and relaxing scent, and apple cider vinegar, such a clarifying ingredient!

Dry Scalp Lavender Rinse
What You Need:

  • 3-4 drops of Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 4 cups water
  • ½ cup dried lavender
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

Mix It: Bring water to a boil then add lavender and vinegar. Reduce heat to simmer 
for 25 minutes until lavender begins to sink. Remove from heat and add tea tree 
oil, let cool. Strain into glass jar and store. 
Apply It: After shampooing your hair, shake the container to mix oil back in and 
pour a few handfuls over your head and work it in, making sure to massage the 
scalp. Leave it on for 3 to 9 minutes before rinsing. 

This shampoo had me at the name alone!! Super Luxe Polishing Shampoo?! Swoon!

Super Luxe Polishing Shampoo
What You Need:

  • 1 tbsp. rosemary
  • 1 cup liquid Castile soap
  • 1 tbsp. almond essential oil
  • 1/8 tsp. lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 cup distilled water

Mix It: Boil distilled water and add rosemary and let it steep for 45 minutes. 
Remove from heat and strain rosemary needles then add oils and soap. Stir or 
whisk until blended and store in flip cap bottle. 
Apply It: Pour a small amount, about the size of a nickel, into your hair and work 
into a lather. Rinse with warm water. 

The benefits of tea tree oil go beyond just using it for skin care and hair care, it’s also a great product to keep around the house for medicinal purposes. Here is a recipe for an antiseptic spray made with tea tree oil!

Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic Spray
What You Need:

  • 15 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 tsp. liquid Castile soap
  • 2 oz. rose water
  • 4 oz. Aloe Vera
  • 5 drops each thyme & myrrh oils
  • 2 oz. witch hazel infused with herbs

Mix It: Combine all ingredients into a glass jar and shake well to blend. Pour into a 
dark colored spray bottle. Store away from sunlight and you will get up to 2 years 
use from the spray. 
Apply It: Clean and pat wounds, burns, cuts and scratches dry then spray 
antiseptic prior to bandaging. 3 to 5 spritzes should be sufficient. 

This one I could have used ALL summer long, mosquitoes just love to bite me!! And it uses Coconut Oil, double bonus!

Tea Tree Oil & Butter Itch Relief
What You Need:

  • 1 tsp. Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 tsp. rosemary essential oil
  • 2 tbsp. beeswax, shaved
  • 2 tbsp. each Shea butter & cocoa butter
  • 1 tsp. Neem oil
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. oil infused with dried calendula flowers, lemon balm leaf, chickweed, goldenseal root and plantain leaf
  • Mason jar or push up tube

Mix It: Melt infused oil, coconut oil, butters, Neem oil and beeswax in a double 
boiler over low heat. Remove from heat and let cool about 10 minutes then add 
rosemary and tea tree oil. Pour into a push up tube and let cool overnight before 
storing in away from light and heat sources. 
Apply It: Rub a small amount over bug bites and stings to relieve itchiness.

There are also a plethora of aromatherapy options for tea tree and other essential oils. Apothecary Extracts describes gives a bit more background on these uses:

“Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, in a more rudimentary form, due to their healing and sedative properties. Whether in the form of a massage or by emitting the healing fragrances, tea tree oil is effective for aromatherapy because the human sense of smell is a powerful thing; distinguishing between tens of thousands of unique scents and odors, some of which trigger memories or relaxation responses.”

You can make diffusers, air fresheners, bath oils, bath salts (no eating them please!), air mists and massage oils! Don’t forget potpourri, which would be a great gift to give out around the holidays! All of the recipes are included in the ebook, which you can download free when you purchase the tea tree oil.

Last, but certainly not least, you can use tea tree oil around the house as a cleaning agent! Here is a recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that I have made and use on my counter tops and other surfaces where I don’t want a cleaner with harsh chemicals. It includes vinegar, which is one of my favorite things to clean with!

All Purpose Tea Tree Oil Cleaner
What You Need:

  • 2 tsp. Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 clean spray bottle
  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 6 oz. white vinegar
  • 20 drops of cassia or lemon essential oil (optional to get rid of vinegar odor)

Mix It Combine all ingredients into spray bottle and give it a good shake. Shake it 
prior to each use because the oils will separate from the water. 
Apply It Spray on to spot clean stains, germs and any other bacteria. 
Note: Be sure to use measuring tools dedicated to cleaning solutions. Do not mix 
with cooking utensils as essential oils may not be ingested. 

You can also use it to clean and whiten your clothes!! I am SO excited about this!! (I love doing laundry!) (I know, I’m so weird, but I’m completely telling the truth!)

Cleaning & Whitening Tea Tree Oil Detergent
What You Need:

  • 1 bar of pure Castile soap
  • 1 cup borax (sodium borate)
  • 1 cup washing soda (sodium carbonate or soda ash)
  • 20-30 drops of Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil

Mix It: Shave or grate the bar of soap into flakes and mix with borax and washing 
soda until a fine powdered mixture forms. Store detergent in an airtight container. 
Apply It: Scoop 2 tbsp. per load and up to 4 tbsp. for soiled fabrics. 
Note: For liquid detergent melt the bar of soap with 2 cups of water then place 
borax and soda in a large bucket. Pour melted soap-water mixture into bucket and 
stir, then let set over night. Use ½ cup per load.

With so many benefits of tea tree oil, how could you not be an instant fan of this stuff? Head over to Amazon to pick up a bottle from Aromatherapy Extracts, and get to using it!


Also, as promised, enter below for your chance to win a FREE 4 oz bottle of Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts!! 🙂 It’s a win-win here at SG!

Snappy Tea Tree Oil Giveaway

Best of luck to all who have entered! Don’t forget to stop by and visit my partner in crime, Trish at Beyond the Khaki Pants! Do you have any tried and true uses for Tea Tree Oil? Please share them in the comments below!

**Disclosure- The product featured in this review was provided to me for consideration and Powered by BrandBacker.  This in no way influenced my experience with the product- all opinions are my own, and I was not paid to write this review. If you would like to read more about my Privacy Disclosure click here. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep SnapGinger snapping! 

What to do in NJ – Yoga & Wine Tasting

In honor of National Yoga Month, I wanted to share my experience with a really fun Yoga & Wine Tasting event! This is something my friends and I have been doing for 2 years now, and plan to continue it as an annual get-together.

If you haven’t jumped on the yoga bandwagon, and need more than me telling you how amazing it is (it really is!)! Check out some articles below about the benefits of yoga. Make this the month you start your practice!!

Source: FitSugar

Source: FitSugar

Why Everyone Should do Yoga 

Source: Clementine Daily

Source: Clementine Daily

3 Exercises to Improve your Posture

Without further ado, here are the photos from Yoga & Wine Tasting at two beautiful New Jersey wineries!

As if starting out with a yoga practice in front of a magical vineyard on a warm sunny day isn’t awesome enough, you then proceed to a wine tasting. A great group of friends, delicious wines, amazing cheeses, meats, salads and pizzas, how good can it get?! I highly recommend this activity for a Bachelorette party, or just for getting your friends together and trying something new!

What is your favorite girly, boozy, and fun activity to do with your friends?!

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Books I’m Reading- September ’14

My favorite memory of going back to school was the reading list. I know you’re given these at the end of the school year, and reading them all year long. But there was just something about the end of summer, the cool weather, and finishing up the last of your books, that was just inspiring!

I get the same feeling now, and I’ve queued up a few books for my Fall Reading List. Who would have thought, as adults, we would voluntarily make reading lists?!

One Plus One: A Novel


By Jojo Moyes

Station Eleven: A novel


By Emily St. John Mandel

Cosby: His Life and Times


By Mark Whitaker


Land of Love and Drowning– I have to admit, I only was able to read one book this month, which is very unlike me. But life went ahead and got in the way 🙂 so here is a summary from Amazon, since I really am interested in this book, and I hope you get the chance to read it too: 

In the early 1900s, the Virgin Islands are transferred from Danish to American rule, and an important ship sinks into the Caribbean Sea. Orphaned by the shipwreck are two sisters and their half brother, now faced with an uncertain identity and future. Each of them is unusually beautiful, and each is in possession of a particular magic that will either sink or save them.

Chronicling three generations of an island family from 1916 to the 1970s, Land of Love and Drowning is a novel of love and magic, set against the emergence of Saint Thomas into the modern world. Uniquely imagined, with echoes of Toni Morrison, Gabriel García Márquez, and the author’s own Caribbean family history, the story is told in a language and rhythm that evoke an entire world and way of life and love. Following the Bradshaw family through sixty years of fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, love affairs, curses, magical gifts, loyalties, births, deaths, and triumphs, Land of Love and Drowning is a gorgeous, vibrant debut by an exciting, prizewinning young writer.

I like you just the way I am– Same deal with this one, take it away Amazon:

Jenny Mollen is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles. She is also a wife, married to a famous guy (which is annoying only because he gets free shit and she doesn’t). She doesn’t want much from life. Just to be loved—by everybody: her parents, her dogs, her ex-boyfriends, her ex-boyfriends’ dogs, her husband, her husband’s ex-girlfriends, her husband’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriends, etc. Some people might call that impulse crazy, but isn’t “crazy” really just a word boring people use to describe fun people? (And Jenny is really, really fun, you guys!)

In these pages, you’ll find stories of Jenny at her most genuine, whether it’s stalking her therapist (because he knows everything about her so shouldn’t she get to know everything about him?); throwing a bachelorette party so bad that one of the guests is suspected dead; or answering the eternal question, Would your best friend blow your husband on a car ride to dinner if she didn’t know you were hiding in the backseat?

I Like You Just the Way I Am is about not doing the right thing—about indulging your inner crazy-person. It is Jenny when she’s not trying to impress anyone or come across as a responsible, level-headed member of society. With any luck it will make you better acquainted with who you really are and what you really want. Which, let’s be honest, is most likely someone else’s email password.

The Book of Life– This was book 3 of the All Souls Trilogy, which I absolutely loved, as a whole. This book on its own wasn’t the best one, I feel like maybe Deborah Harkness went a little Twilight/Hunger Games with the love triangle aspect. Aspects of a Bella/Edward type relationship and family were also echoed in the main characters of Book of Life, but I was willing to forgive and go along with the story- it’s about witches and vampires, you can’t read it expecting a realistic portrayal of love and family love. Overall, I read it because I needed to complete the series, it didn’t fully encapsulate me the way the first 2 did, but it was serviceable and provided a nice neat ending!

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How to be a Football Fan (and still be girly)

Today I’m linking up again for the Blog-tember Challenge, and this is my version of fall favorites, I love football in the fall!! This year is extra exciting because I joined my first Blogging Fantasy Football League. Our host is Erin from Two Thirds Hazel, and the League is called Chipotle, puppies and the Giants. I love it! The draft was really fun and overall its a been a great bonding experience. These opportunities are my favorite part of blogging.

The league has really gotten me more involved in watching football this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some football, but I moreso love it for the social aspect, drinking delicious beers with your friends and your man and enjoying some sportsmanship. And the snacks, oooo the football snacks! Wings, dips, chips, everything fried and cheesy and bubbly… yummmmm. Speaking of, here are some amazing treat ideas!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

VTIM Judging Tee

VTIM Judging Tee

I may have gotten carried away with the snacks so, back to watching the game, a girl’s gotta look cute right?! To echo Sarah‘s sentiment, don’t wear a pink jersey! I mean, if it’s a jersey supporting breast cancer relief, sure, but pink for the sake of pink? No, not until they make an NFL team’s colors pink, it is not ok!

What is ok are some of the adorable options I’ve linked to below, happy shopping ladies! I am a Giants fan, so I featured everything for Big Blue, but you can find your own team on any of these sites. I did include some affiliate links, I’ve gotta keep this blog snapping somehow!

Womens NFL® Team V-Neck Tees from Old Navy

Shop the newest New York Giants fan gear at Fanatics!

Touch by Alyssa Milano New York Giants Ladies Harper Tri-Blend T-Shirt – Royal BlueNew York Giants Touch by Alyssa Milano Ladies Kari Thermal – Royal Blue

Touch by Alyssa Milano New York Giants Ladies Touchdown Full Zip Hoodie – Royal BlueTouch by Alyssa Milano New York Giants Ladies Draft Choice Sweatshirt – Royal Blue

Touch By Alyssa Milano New York Giants Ladies Star Player Pants – Royal Blue











Now onto college football, since looking cute is not just limited to Sunday! You have to support your alma mater! I went to NJ’s finest, Rutgers University, and it works out because the red is a shared color with the Gmen, giving me dual accessory options, like this amazing red bag. It’s transparent, in case your stadium requires that, while still being totally stylish! Of course, classic favorites like red Converse (Chuck Taylors) are perfect for watching the game, and keeping it comfortable!

Shop Rutgers Scarlet Knights gear at!

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Ladies University Lockup Long Sleeve Slim Fit T-Shirt – ScarletRutgers Scarlet Knights Ladies Metallic Thread Scarf – Scarlet

Here are my bestie and I, both Rutgers alum, enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Homecoming game last year, looking girly and cute! It’s her birthday today! A very special happy birthday wish to you roomie!!

And here’s my little porcupine Roxy dressed up for a Giants game, she’s looking cute, as usual!

Shop officially licensed NFL Ladies gear at!

I hope I’ve inspired you with these super cute girly football options. Head over to Fanatics, because right now, get Free Shipping on all orders over $50 at!! This ends on 9/30, so hurry over now!

What do you like to do while watching football, college or pro?

PS- if you’re wondering where the amazing shirt in my header is from, it’s Simply Gameday Apparel, and you can find it on Blaine Bowen!

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A Day in the Life – Jan & Jame take NYC

I’m so excited to be linking up with Brave Love Blog for the Blog-tember Challenge! Today’s topic is A Day in the Life, and so I wanted to share something special with you! This weekend my Mom and I headed into NYC to celebrate her birthday. We took the train in and the subway downtown to eat a glorious dinner at the San Genaro Feast in Little Italy. Then we headed uptown to see Aladdin on Broadway. We shopped, we laughed, we had martinis and we sang along to an awesome play. What a day! Here are some pics from our fabulous adventure! 

We had such a blast on our girls day, and my Mom has a truly special birthday! Thanks for sharing a day in my life!

Brave Love Blog