Fall for Brunch – Easy Brunch Menu

I was digging through the archives of one of my bloggy favorites, Pizzazzerie, and I came upon a post on Breakfast + Brunch Treats and the light bulb went on! We do a lot of brunching in the Spring and Summer, but that seems to fade once Fall rolls around. I think we should be brunching even more in the Fall, and I’ve put together easy brunch recipes, place settings, and crowd pleasers for a Snappy Fall Brunch. Join me and Fall for Brunch!

First I put together a my table place settings, from colorful coffee cups, to mismatched placements and napkins, the theme is Fun for Fall! Using the same bright platters I used all Summer long, I added in lots of orange, which I think is a great transitional color when the Autumn leaves are changing. Rustic ceramic bowls and wooden serving pieces and napkin rings are small touches that make the brunch feel homey.

Here is a bird’s eye view of how I set up my place settings. The placemats coordinate with each other, as well as with the napkins, but nothing matches. The coffee cups and napkin rings are different at each setting, but the dishware is consistent, which pulls the entire look together! This keeps the look informal and fun!

While I can’t share links to my exact set up, as I’ve had these items for quite a while, I did include a shopping guide below. Click on any image to find out more!

Now for the food! I saw an episode of Brunch @ Bobby’s a few weeks ago and it really stuck with me. The entire episode had the most amazing recipes, and I wanted to link those for you below! I can’t wait to make the biscuit sticky buns… nom.

Source: Cooking Channel

Source: Cooking Channel

Source: Cooking Channel

Source: Cooking Channel

Asparagus and Cheese Popover with Spicy Herb Oil

Source: Cooking Channel

Source: Cooking Channel

Apricot and Raspberry Granola Gratin with Raspberry Honey Yogurt

Source: Cooking Channel

Source: Cooking Channel

Biscuit Sticky Buns

I made the asparagus popover last weekend and my honey and I devoured the entire thing! If you’re having more than two people at your brunch, consider doubling the recipe. It is so delicious!! Next, your guests will need something to wash down this delicious food, so on to drinks.

In case you missed my recipe for the Best Bloody Mary, this is a Brunch must-have! A sweet option for a Brunchy beverage is the Blue Mary, from Rachel Ray! Take 4 sprigs of rosemary, muddle it, add to a pitcher of lemonade. Then puree 3/4 cup blueberries, 3 tbsp of water, and combine with the lemonade! Yum!

A favorite coffee option of mine is “Fluffy Coffee“- funny name, amazing taste! This works best if you have an espresso machine, but I’m sure you could add the cinnamon to regular coffee grinds, and warm milk and maple syrup on your stove top for a similar effect. 

Don’t forget to check out my Brunch board on Pinterest for more Brunch recipes and ideas!

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What is your favorite thing to make for brunch?

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