How to Build a Truly Epic Gift Bag

This is something I truly love to do! Anytime a birthday or special occasion, or really any reason to celebrate, comes along, I make a gift bag. The one below is for a friend who turned the big 3-0 in August, so don’t worry, I’m not spoiling the surprise here. I am sharing some great gift bag ideas, for a personalized, custom and special treat for anyone on the receiving end! Here it is, how to build a truly epic gift bag!

Above is an aerial shot of all of the goodies I packed into this gift bag. For a summer birthday, I like to make the actual bag itself part of the gift, since everyone can use a new beach bag! I included some lip gloss, nail polish, a dry shampoo and a seaside scented hand soap, so my bff could bring the beach home with her. 

Below are the steps for stuffing all of this epic goodness into the bag so that it looks pretty from the outside, and even better when your giftee peeks inside!

Step 1
Fill the bag with a heavier tissue paper, to form a base for your pretty tissue paper.

Step 2
Add pretty tissue paper- this one has sparkles baked right in- this will be the “bed” on which your epic items will rest!

Step 3
Add in your items, take your time doing this, to make them look presentable and arranged, instead of just tossed in!

Step 4
Here is a close up of the items, this is what your giftee will see when they open up the bag, so be thoughtful of presentation. Packing in items tightly will help to avoid them getting jumbled around.

Your gift bag is pretty epic, but it’s not truly epic until you add a bow! This not only makes it pretty and festive, but keeps the bag handles closed, making it less likely that all your goodies will come spilling out.

Step 1
Make a big loop for the bunny rabbit (wasn’t this a thing for teaching kids to tie their shoes? Anywho, you know how to tie a bow, I’m just saying, make it a pretty and presentable bow!)

Step 2
Loop it around like you’re tying a bow… except make sure the ribbon section across the middle of the bow lays flat.

Step 3
Tie a bow! Meh, not so pretty.

Step 4
Make it a pretty bow by fluffing out the top loops, and flattening the middle section that you held flat in Step 2. Twist and turn the ends so that they look pepped up and full.

Step 5
Add a curly ribbon bow to give your bow some ooph. You can use a glitter bow, metallic shiny bow, crazy confetti bow, the possibilities really are endless Bubba 😉

Voila! Take a step back and admire your truly epic work of art! It almost makes you not want to give it away right?! You have to though. Or you don’t, you could keep this one for yourself and make another one to give away. But you already know what’s in this one, so you’re better off sending this page to a friend and letting he/she making you your own truly epic gift bag!

The finished product

The finished product

Depending on the occasion you’re celebrating, you will likely need a card. I like to use blank cards, and write in a personal message. I also like to include a photo, since I love printing them out for my own frames, as a special touch for your friend!

I use glitter ink pens to sign any and all cards that I give to friends and family. This can make any occasion extra special!

Make it personal

Make it personal

What is the best gift bag you’ve every received?

Glossy Blonde


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