The Magic of Coconut Oil- 5 uses for Coconut Oil

About 2 months ago I ordered my first jar of coconut oil on Amazon (Nature’s Way Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce), and while I might have been a little late to the party, better late than never truly applies to this stuff! I have replaced countless beauty products with coconut oil, I’ve used it on Roxy, I’ve added it to smoothies, and I’ve recommended it to friends. Now I’m recommending it to you, and giving you an idea of the many benefits of coconut oil!

As you can see, it’s pure, expeller pressed, organic, extra-virgin coconut oil, and I love this tub, it’s huge. It is slightly unsanitary to use it for both beauty and cooking, so I’ve since gotten a second jar to keep in the kitchen. This baby now lives in my bathroom.

Here are some fun facts about coconut oil from it’s been around for millennia, contains the most lauric acid of any substance on Earth, it does not go rancid, and it melts at 73 degrees. I thought I ruined it when I left it in my car on a hot day, I did not, it re-solidifies pretty quickly at cooler temps.

The Mercola article has a large chart of beauty uses, and I decided I would try a few of those. Any product that lets me replace shaving lotion, lip balm, and moisturizer?! I’m in!

Coconut Oil for Skin

I have used coconut oil on my cuticles, and replaced my cuticle cream. I’ve slathered it over breakouts to heal them up, and as a cleanser to prevent future breakouts. Also, I apply it daily to my heels to soften my feet. I now use it in the shower for shaving, and I don’t need moisturizer on my legs after shaving! It’s that good! It can also be used in place of deodorant! I’m not brave enough to do that, but it is awesome under my deodorant after shaving my under arms with it!

A great tip for making skin glow: mix coconut oil with baking soda and scrub, magical! Also, you can use it to clean your makeup brushes: just mix it with dish soap- I will be doing this as soon as my current (overpriced) brush cleaner runs out!

I have used it as a lip balm, and as an insect repellent! You wouldn’t think this one would work, since it smells sweet (like coconuts), but if you add in a little peppermint or lemon, the insects steer clear! I’ve used it to heal bug bites too. I have also replaced my scar cream! That stuff is so pricey anyway, you can’t beat the price of coconut oil for all of these uses, and it only gets better!

Not ready to trade in all of your beauty products? Rank and Style has a list of some of the best ones that contain coconut oil, take baby steps!!

Coconut Oil for Hair

I use it on dry scalp, or if my scalp burns from the sun! WikiHow has a great tutorial for using it as a deep conditioner. I’ve hear good things about this, but I haven’t done it yet, and I’m not sure why! Maybe next weekend when my honey is golfing – spa day! 😉

You can also use coconut oil to strengthen your lashes, and enhance them! Add some oil to a cotton swab and apply to your lashes before bedtime. I have just started doing this, and my lashes feel nourished already!

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Of course I wasn’t going to leave out my best girlfriend with this amazing product around! I used coconut oil on Roxy to condition her fur, and battle her itchiness. She is very itchy for a dog of her size, haha, she scratches considerably less now that I have used coconut oil on her. Greatist suggests using it to boost your pets health and diet too, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Coconut Oil for the Home

I printed out all of the medicinal uses and that went right into my medicine cabinet for future reference. A great use for coconut oil in the kitchen is to sanitize and condition your wooden cutting boards- mine split all the time from leaving them to air dry. You can also use it to condition leather, and on indoor plants to make them shine. I have a leather chair I need to have partially recovered and I will be keeping it well tuned once its back! Using coconut oil on patent leather also makes it shine!

Coconut Oil Recipes

This was one of my favorite parts about the versatility of coconut oil: cooking with it! It’s easy on your digestive system and doesn’t produce an insulin spike, so it’s ideal for a boost in energy. I added it to a smoothie (fresh fruit, banana yogurt, milk, ice and a teaspoon of coconut oil does the trick) and we were ready for our day! Also, it can withstand higher temperatures without being damaged like many other oils, so it’s ideal for cooking. I have seen recipes for popcorn, garlic bread, and fried chicken. Is there anything this stuff can’t do?!


Do you use coconut oil? Have you experimented with it in any new ways? I am always looking for a new use for this magic product!

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