Guest Post- Dogs- They’re Just Like Us

Hello all! Today I am Guest Posting on hellorigby

Jenn was gracious enough to let me guest post for her while she was away so, I thought something dog themed was appropriate!  Rigby is the star of hellorigby! after all, and he does all the work!! 😉

Meet Rigby- the star of hellorigby!

Meet Rigby- the star of hellorigby!

In case you missed it, Jenn and I were partners in But First, Coffee’s Mug Swap, and it was so much fun getting to know each other! As I said in my NE Bloggers interview, the relationships really are the best part of blogging! Here are the mugs we sent each other! Don’t miss the other mugs sent by other bloggers, check out the hashtag #BFCMugSwap on Twitter and Instagram!

Source: SnapGinger Instagram

Source: SnapGinger Instagram

Source: hellorigby! Instagram

Source: hellorigby! Instagram

Head on over to Jenn’s blog to check out my Guest Post, Dogs-They’re Just Like Us, to get your cute on for the day! Snap-to-it!


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