Helping her find “The One” (Wedding Dress)

When I got the call from my bestie on Christmas morning, I just knew, and I was right: she was engaged! I could not have been happier for her, and was beyond thrilled when she asked me to be her bridesmaid. This meant that I was going to play a very important role in her very special day. Was I up to the challenge? I have never been a bridesmaid before, and I didn’t want to let my bestie down.

I immediately started a secret bridesmaid pin board, and brainstormed as many ideas as possible. Then I got to thinking: I can’t be the only one who might not have a clue of what makes a great bridesmaid! This inspired me to start my “Be a Better Bridesmaid Series,” and where better to start than with tips for wedding dress shopping, or, helping her find “The One” (Wedding Dress). 

I renamed the original Pinterest board, saving a few special ideas for my bestie, and made it public, check it out here. I hope to inspire any bridesmaid who is a little bit nervous, or unsure of how to make the entire experience as wonderful as possible for her bestie. Here goes nothing! Special thanks to my wonderful bff Lainie for being my model, and for not being even a tiny bit Bridezilla!

The dress is one part of the wedding that is ALL about the Bride, and wedding dress shopping should be ALL about her! Make sure to celebrate her, listen to her likes and dislikes, and hustle a bit! Bridal appointments don’t last all day, and she’s going to want to try on as many dresses as she can, and is going to need your help pulling them! Peruse the wedding dress shop when you arrive and get a feel for where things are located. She will need you to find the most special veils, belts and accessories, so getting an advance glimpse and putting some pep in your step will help your friend to have the best experience.

More to come on these cookies (homemade by yours truly) and pretzels, but don’t forget to stay hydrated, and bring snacks. Something easy to eat and individually packaged is handy to grab in between appointments, as food and drinks aren’t usually permitted in the bridal studio. It doesn’t hurt if the snacks are girly hot pink and delicious! Schedule time for lunch, and time to celebrate if your Bride says yes to a dress!

Like most Brides, Lainie had one idea in her head of her dream dress. She searched countless wedding dresses online, but it wouldn’t have done her any justice if we didn’t bring over a variety of styles and options. If nothing else, trying on all types of silhouettes helps you to rule out certain styles, and get a better sense of what is the most flattering to her figure! Of course, you should bring pictures of wedding dresses that the bride is most interested in, to help out the staff at the boutique!

While you’re trying on every dress under the sun, make sure to snap photos from a few different angles to capture the look. Later on you can compare all of the styles to one another, and pick and choose the best elements of each. Each time you stop to think “these are gorgeous wedding dresses” it will help to review the photos (Let’s go to the video tape!) for reference. It helps to look back at dresses from one boutique while you’re at the next appointment, since you’re not likely to remember how every dress looked.

Pictures alone won’t do, you should also take notes on the Bride’s likes and dislikes and refer to them with each new dress choice. I also wrote down style numbers, pricing and other details to keep the dresses organized.

If you haven’t seen “Say Yes to the Dress” yet, you might have to stop reading and go watch an episode before you go dress shopping. To me, it’s a bit of a study in what NOT to do (Is it just me, or are some of those “friends” really mean?!) but the show has a lot of good points too. While I suggest avoiding negative comments at all costs, take one tip from the Atlanta show and “Jack her Up.” This means adding a veil, a belt and other accessories before ruling out any dress. This gives you a real bridal look and feel and helps you to make better dress decisions! 

Above all, make sure you have fun! This is a very momentous day for any Bride, and she selected you to be a part of it. Keep a smile on your face, and stay positive throughout the appointments, sometimes 3 or 4 in a day. This day isn’t about you, so no complaining, and never any bashing. If you have constructive criticism, deliver it kindly and think before you speak. Doesn’t “This silhouette doesn’t quite flatter you as well as the last dress does, it might not be right for you” sound better than “This dress makes you look fat?!” Keeping it light and making the Bride laugh will help everyone to have a fun and relaxing day!

In honor of all things bridal, and it being Thursday and all, I decided a #tbt, bridal style, would be the perfect end to this post. Lainie and I selected Princess Diana’s dress for our all time favorite throwback bridal dress, and I searched through a few of the options in the shop and found a modern day version fit for a princess. I love the hint of pink, full skirt and dreaminess of the dress, it would add such an ethereal quality to anyone’s wedding day. Follow the #LOVERLYTBT hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to see more #tbt dress options!

Source: Retro Kimmer

Source: Retro Kimmer

Source: Into the Gloss

Source: Into the Gloss




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Were you a Bride or Bridesmaid? What is the best advice you have to share with ladies out there?


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