Lucky Duck- Friday Five

I am not a lucky person, by nature. I mean, I am lucky in love, lucky to be healthy and have an amazing family and a great pet. I am unlucky when it comes to winning things. I never win contests or get more than $2 from scratch offs. Until last month. I won a record 5 giveaways!! I am still astonished! I’m very excited to share my new goodies with you!

First up, I won a smattering of my favorite snack bars (LaraBars) from Helene at Helene in Between. Not only is reading her blog a daily treat, but winning put the icing on the cake. Helene considers LaraBars to be one of her 5 music festival essentials, and I consider them to be one of my everyday life essentials!

Secondly, I won the August Giveaway from A Cute Angle, which included a great peachy nail polish, and a delish smelling hand soap. The best part was Ashley’s adorable note card and business card combo! She’s so put-together! Be sure to stop by and check out her blog!

Next, I won a gorgeous Michael Kors tote from Blog About Design! I really enjoy reading this blog, and I absolutely loved the post where the bag was featured. I never thought I would win! I actually commented to Ashley when the winner was announced in disbelief! It is the perfect sized tote for my height and frame, and the navy color goes with everything. That gold trim, it is just so classic!

I really enjoy reading Teena’s blog, Disabled Mommy of 2, and this month I won the CoverGirl nail polish & lip gloss Haul GIVEAWAY. Check out all of those fantastic colors!! I can’t wait for these fantastic treats to arrive. I’m one of those people who needs to open up every one and try it as soon as I get it. It’s the same thing when I come home from CVS or Target, I’m like a small child.

Last, but certainly not least, I won a gorgeous Plum Paper Planner from Seriously, Sarah? My actual planner hasn’t arrived yet, but there are a lot of customization options with Plum Paper. I customized it to say SnapGinger across the front, and chose my weekly spread option and start date. I can’t wait to start using it to plan out my blog posts! Be sure to check out the Plum Paper Etsy Shop, and Sarah’s blog for lots of laughs!

All this talk of winning has gotten me in the mood to host a giveaway! Keep an eye out next week for a giveaway I’m very excited about!!


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