What to do in NJ – Yoga & Wine Tasting

In honor of National Yoga Month, I wanted to share my experience with a really fun Yoga & Wine Tasting event! This is something my friends and I have been doing for 2 years now, and plan to continue it as an annual get-together.

If you haven’t jumped on the yoga bandwagon, and need more than me telling you how amazing it is (it really is!)! Check out some articles below about the benefits of yoga. Make this the month you start your practice!!

Source: FitSugar

Source: FitSugar

Why Everyone Should do Yoga 

Source: Clementine Daily

Source: Clementine Daily

3 Exercises to Improve your Posture

Without further ado, here are the photos from Yoga & Wine Tasting at two beautiful New Jersey wineries!

As if starting out with a yoga practice in front of a magical vineyard on a warm sunny day isn’t awesome enough, you then proceed to a wine tasting. A great group of friends, delicious wines, amazing cheeses, meats, salads and pizzas, how good can it get?! I highly recommend this activity for a Bachelorette party, or just for getting your friends together and trying something new!

What is your favorite girly, boozy, and fun activity to do with your friends?!

your new faves


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