This Weekend…

Today’s topic for the #blogtemberchallenge is Highs and Lows from this month. 

Highs: Eating a delicious Giants donut, having my honey’s parents’ Pit Bull come and stay with us, celebrating my mom’s birthday in the city, hitting a 3 day streak for exercising, putting out gorgeous mums to bring in fall, having my first (iced) PSL of the season, relaxing in this super hot face mask while my honey was away, eating birthday cake m&ms for an early birthday treat!

Lows: Watching the Giants lose so many times, Roxy not enjoying not being an only child dog, waiting so long to see Aladdin with my mom and then it’s over in 3 hours and you just. want. more., being too tired to exercise some days and feeling super lazzzy, saying arrivederci to summer, knowing that the days of iced drinks are coming to an end, missing my honey while he was on his boys weekend, turning another year older (albeit, another year wiser too!)!

Here’s to a Snappy Weekend!

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