Race for the Cure 2014

Today my friends and I are participating in the 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey Race for the Cure. We have participated for years, and it is beyond important to show our support. Every woman should be educated about breast cancer and the risks every woman faces, see below for some valuable information.





Our team has been to second base, been stacked and gotten grumpy, and this year we’re going back to the 80’s to raise money for a cure.  Here are a few of our past years team photos. 

2010- Save Second Base

2010- Save Second Base

2012- Marilyn's Stacked Racks

2012- Marilyn’s Stacked Racks

2013- Grumpy About Cancer

2013- Grumpy About Cancer

Among U.S. women, in 2014 there will be approximately 232,670 new cases and 40,000 deaths. New Jersey ranks in the top 10 states for highest number of new cases and new deaths each year. In 2014, close to 7,000 New Jersey women will be diagnosed and over 1,300 will die.  And we’re not gonna take it, anymore. Cancer, we’ve got your number.  

I hope you will support our team, Let’s Hear it for the Boobs.

Please use this page to make a donation – every dollar counts.  Your support will fund local breast cancer screening and education programs and research to find the cure.  Together, we will end breast cancer. 

2014- Team theme-- back to the 80's! Tubular!

2014- Team theme– back to the 80’s! Tubular!

First draft of our 2014 team shirt

First draft of our 2014 team shirt

Donation Links, every dollar helps!!!

Team Page: Let’s Hear it for the Boobs

My Personal Page 

Let's Hear if For the Boobs- 2014 Race for the Cure- Donate to the cause! 

Let’s Hear if For the Boobs- 2014 Race for the Cure- Donate to the cause! 

Thanks so much for your support, follow me on Instagram for updates throughout the day!

Giselle.. or something

Giselle.. or something

One wish I do have for the day, besides oodles of money raised for Susan G. Komen RFTC, to see our giraffe friend Giselle (Gretta? something with a G?) again! Would you look at her?! 😀


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