10 Awesome Things – October

Today I’m linking up with Anne from Love the Here and Now and listing out 10 Awesome Things! Here’s your monthly dose of Awesome!

My Dog Roxy


My Dog Roxy and her daily wake up calls. (“Pick me up Mom, I’m ready to snuggle in bed now”)


Getting 5% Cash Back at all of my favorite stores for Christmas shopping- eeeeee!! Get a $100 bonus with Chase Freedom credit card. Apply before October 31, 2014.


Reading the awesome posts written by my girl Trish on her blog, Beyond the Khaki Pants! She loves what she does, is dedicated and driven, and is an excellent resource for all things money!


Being Silly with Girlfriends!


Breaking Bad Binges on Netflix!! With my honey and popcorn and treats of course!

Source: J's Everyday Fashion

Source: J’s Everyday Fashion


Wearable pumpkin and daily fashion that is affordable, accessible and effortlessly chic with J’s Everyday Fashion!


Beauty, Thrifting and Rigby on hellorigby! My girl Jenn entertains on a daily basis!!


Spending quality time with family: this month we all headed to a Rutgers football game for outdoor fun and entertainment, and lots of Bloody Marys!


Watching an amazing sunset with great company.


Giving back and making a difference to women everywhere with the Susan G. Komen foundation. My friends and I had the best time at the 2014 Central NJ Race for the Cure, and can’t wait to do it again next year!

Love the Here and Now


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