Worst Halloween Memory #tbt #Blogtober14!

I’m linking up with Helene and Taylor again today for #Blogtober14!

About a million years ago, when Twilight was just about to come out as a movie, and everyone was obsessed with vampires, my friends and I decided to do something totally creative and original. We dressed up as vampires for Halloween. {sigh} Except we were Twilight vampires, sorta. We wore shimmery white powder on our faces, and got cheap cheesy vampire teeth and matching red heart necklaces and wore all black. We wore red lipstick and red nail polish, but, other than the sparkle, nothing made us Twilight vamps (Or creative or original for that matter). 

Exhibit A: 

check out this totally original costume!

check out this totally original costume!

Costumes aside, we were having a great time. We were young girls, at a fun bar with an awesome cover band playing some of our favorites. And we had paid for an open bar, so nothing was stopping us from getting our money’s worth! As you can imagine, this only leads to trouble.

Exhibit B:



That’s us probably about half way through the night, and things only got worse from there. The open bar ended, the cover band wrapped their set, and we decided we needed pizza, STAT.

The only problem was, one of the other awesome accessory choices was 4.5″ platform stiletto pumps, in red patent leather, of course. The bar we were at was 100’s of miles from my then apartment (read: 7 blocks) and the pizza place was at least another 2 blocks from there! And we didn’t have any cash. So, of course, we decided to take a cab. The only issue was, since the bar was so inconveniently located, there were none running.

We decided we would walk until we found one, clearly, we were making really good decisions. About 32.5 seconds into our journey, I take a wrong step and twist my ankle. I have two options now, walk barefoot through the disgusting dirty streets OR tough it out in the stilettos. 

Which option do you think I chose? The stilettos, obviously, because, a girl has to look good.

We walk a few more blocks (read: hobble) and a cab finally comes by! Yes! We’re saved! Except, we still don’t have any cash and won’t pass an ATM. But, I have cash at my apartment. So, with the promise of COD, we convince the cabby to drive us home. 

We pull up to my apartment, a 5th floor walk up, and head inside. EXCEPT the cabbie does not believe that my friends and I will come back, so he makes us leave one friend as collateral. I really had not reached a low point in my life until I was asked to leave a human being in a cab as collateral for a $5 cab ride.

I slowwwwly make my way up to my apartment and then hobble back downstairs with my $20 bill. By the time I make it back, the cabbie is freaking out, obviously fully aggravated with my friends and I, and demands that my friend leave his cab, and actually drives off without his money.

So, what do we do with that crisp $20?! We buy an entire pie! You didn’t forget about the pizza did you? And ate almost the entire thing in one sitting. Ahhhh, to be young again!

And that, my friends, is my Worst Halloween Memory. 

Helene in Between

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