My Take on the Korean Beauty Routine

My interest in the Korean Beauty Routine peaked while I was reading a post on one of my favorite beauty blogs, The Budget Beauty Blog.  Jen has some great history of the Korean cleansing process in her post, and outlines the steps win detail. It’s not that I wasn’t cleansing my face well, but, well, I wasn’t! Now that I’ve converted to the multi-step routine, I can’t stand not to clean my face thoroughly! My routine, outlined below, comes in at 8 steps, some of which are only done once or twice a week.

I really like this description of a 10 step routine from Charlotte Cho on Into the Gloss. This quote is what hit home for me:

“Rule of thumb is, if you’re going to spend 30 minutes putting on your face, you should spend the same amount of time and take the same amount of care when cleaning it off.” 

Charlotte makes an excellent case for adding several steps and extra time to your night and day time routine, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve seen some awesome results, and I’ve only been keeping with my new routine for a month!

The routine outlined by SokoGlam contains 9 steps, because of the dual moisturizers, and I love the graphic they use! SokoGlam also points out several key differences between Korean skincare and Western skincare, my favorites being deep hydration, prevention and layering. I love the feeling of layering the different products I use, and their various effects! 

No matter which routine you follow, or if you sorta make up your own like I did, the first step is always to cleanse. I’ve included some affiliate links below, thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep SnapGinger snapping. Let’s go!

Steps 1 & 2 Cleanse

A staple in Korean skincare is the double cleanse- first with an oil based cleanser to remove all makeup, and second with a foam cleanser to remove impurities. I use Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, which I had on hand. It came in a Sephora beauty oil essentials kit, and I really like it, but I’m looking forward to trying the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil next. It’s half the price and I love the other Skinfood products I’ve tried!

I don’t often use the oil cleanser in the morning, but I do use the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub for exfoliating. I use the Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser in the evening, after the oil cleanser, because I really like the way it feels, it’s so refreshing! I know these aren’t foam cleansers, but I love them so much! Biore does have a foam cleanser version, which I might try next.

Step 3 Tone

This one is really more like two steps, but you could skip one if you’d like! First I pour some Skinfood Peach Sake Toner onto a cotton pad and let it work its magic on my pores. The smell is absolutely divine, and the toner is supposed to “tighten pores and take care of oily skin with excess sebum.” Even after the double cleanse, there is still some makeup that comes off with the toner, so this step is really important.

I then use the Balancing Emulsion from Laneige, sometimes I use a cotton paid and sometimes I apply it with my fingers. The key is to be gentle and to tap, not rub these products on. It’s all about being gentle to your face! I really love this line, I’m interested to try some of their other emulsions, but I feel like I need to balance my skin out to start.

Step 4 Masks

I don’t use masks every day, usually about twice a week, and usually it gets me made fun of by my bf. That’s fine by me, because these masks feel amazing! I ordered the Aloe Fresh Mask Sheets from Skin79, and picked up the Freeman masks from the drug store. I like to use a different mask based on how my skin is feeling that week, and if my skin is breaking out or feeling dry. Honestly though, since starting this routine, my skin hasn’t felt dry at all!

Step 5 Serum

You might remember the Valentia Even Glow Serum from my glowing review of it, and it’s back, as part of my routine! I use the serum in the morning for its brightening effects, and its amazing scent really wakes me up. Between the peaches and the citrus, I am one happy girl after washing my face! Since I liked it so much, I worked with my friends at Valentia on a discount code for SnapGinger readers! There’s a few steps to take, but then you can try this amazing serum for 20% off! Make sure to purchase by 10/31/14!

1) Go to and search for “organic vitamin c serum”
2) We are on page 1 (very easy to find). Look for and click on our listing (screenshot 
3) When you get to our listing, please ADD US TO YOUR WISH LIST first. 
4) Then ADD TO CART and use the coupon code: EVSJRCYK
5) Congratulate yourself on being so amazing and beautiful (even before using the serum!).

In the evening I use the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule, which isn’t as thick and smooth as the Valentia serum, but it gets great reviews, and I like it so far!

Step 6 Eye Cream

Treating the delicate skin around your eyes gently and with a special product shouldn’t be news to you. What might be new is the amazing price on the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream. It’s nearly half the price of other eye creams on the market, and has some great ingredients and is very rich and thick! I really like it, though it is a tiny bit sticky some evenings- I’m wondering if that is because I’ve applied it before the serum has really fully absorbed.

Step 7 Moisturize

This step is my favorite and gets me all giddy just typing about it. Mainly because my skin feels so refreshed every time I use this moisturizer, I just love it! It’s the Water Bank Gel Cream and I’ve gone through one jar already and picked up two more. This is one of the pricier items I use, but I don’t mind one bit, once you try it, I think you’ll agree. Laneige is a Target exclusive brand, direct from Korea, so you can only pick it up there. Target is always offering beauty coupons in the Sunday paper, so wait until you have one of those to try, but not too long! I don’t want you to miss out on this stuff any longer.

Step 8 Sleeping Pack

This is another step that I only do once or twice a week, depending on my water intake, or my cursed hormones. When I was shopping at Target for the gel cream and emulsion, I was looking for the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, but I still have yet to find it in stock. I picked up the Replenishing and Restoring Mask from Lydia Mondavi, but I don’t recommend it. I don’t love the smell and I don’t like that it has to be rinsed off.

For now I will stick to the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask, which I do enjoy. I may order the Laneige mask online if I can’t find it next time I go to Target. The sleeping mask or pack is applied last to nourish, and should still feel a bit dewy in the morning, which this one does!

Overall, I am loving this routine, and my skin looks bright, moisturized and feels really soft and healthy. I find the most joy in the price points of the Korean products, which are much lower than their US counterparts. With a lot of them eligible for Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about waiting long for them to arrive.  I’ve made a Korean Inspired Beauty Wish List on Amazon, and you’ll find most of the products I mention above, and more! 

I can’t say enough good things about this routine, will you try it out?!

I’m linking up with Tuesday Pretties with Glossy Blonde today as well, since this routine makes you pretty and the packaging on these products is so very pretty!

Glossy Blonde

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