Fave Insta & Blog Editing Tools & Apps #Blogtober14

Today I’m back again, linking up with Helene and Taylor for #Blogtober14 and the topic is Fave Insta and Blog Editing Tools and Apps! I have a lot of faves, so I will highlight them all and let you know why I love them so!

Like most bloggers, I use my phone a lot for blogging, social media and occasionally, my personal life 😉 Here is a screen shot of my social media folder (I have an Android phone). The apps on my phone are evenly divided between those I use for Instagram and those I use for my blog. If they’ve made it to my phone, and stayed in this folder, that means they’re a fave and I use them pretty regularly.

Let’s dive right into my Instagram apps!

Instagram Apps

Instagram– duh 

Snapseed– this is my fave photography editing app- I use this for every photo I upload to Instagram, and I often don’t use any filters, it makes the images look professional! Professional enough that I often use my Snapseed photos on my blog!!!

A Beautiful Mess– this is a fairly new Instagram editing app, brought to you by the love ladies of the blog, A Beautiful Mess. The idea of an app created by bloggers for bloggers is just brilliant. But really, anyone can use it to create amazing and unique images for Instagram. Thanks ladies!

PicLab– this one lets you add really cool typography, filters, textures, borders and other graphic elements to your photos. I’ve used this app to create quite a few of my post headers!!

InstaFrame– this is a photo collage maker, and it offers tons of basic collage options for when you can’t decide on just one pic for Instagram. Although I really am loving the “outside the box” collage options on A Beautiful Mess, this one is a great standby.

PhotoRepost– the re-tweet program for Instagram- vital!

Flipagram– who doesn’t want to turn a collection of Instagram photos into a video?! This app is super easy to use!

#SquareDroid– I just added this to my phone this morning, based on this post from LaShawn at Everyday Eyecandy. To quote LaShawn, “I can’t stand to be constrained by the square!” #nomoresquares


Now let’s move onto my mobile Blog Editing Tools!

Blog Editing Tools

Buffer– this app is so vital! I am constantly reading other blogs on the go, and scheduling posts to Twitter and Facebook from those blogs and my own. Buffer makes it all so easy! The free version limits you to a queue of 10 posts per media outlet, so I am considering upgrading.

IFTTT– until I upgrade Buffer, I have IFTTT (If This Then That) work for me. I created a recipe that creates a tweet every time I post to my Facebook page. So instead of getting 10 buffered tweets through Buffer, I get those plus 10 buffered tweets based on my FB buffered posts. I also set up recipes to create tweets when I post to Instagram, and to my blog board on Pinterest. Because I want to Tweet my followers into submission 😉

StumbleUpon– I try to submit every post of mine and most from my favorite bloggers to StumbleUpon. It is awesome in my 10 ten sources of traffic!

Pages Manager (Facebook)- Because why wouldn’t Facebook make everything that much more difficult. You can’t simple manage your blog page (you do have one right?! you must!!) in the regular Facebook app, NOPE, you have to use this one. And a messenger app. And a “take my first born” app. I kid, but really, I still see the notifications in my regular Facebook app, so its a duplicate in my book. 

Pinterest– This app is so vital! This has saved me in so many waiting rooms, on train rides, in long car rides, and in a recipe needing pinch!

Twitter– always gotta be tweetin’!

Facebook– duh #2 (I almost always have a notification here because I refuse to download the messenger app!

Google+– Some say its the devil, some say it will save us all. I tend to agree with Helene (of Helene in Between fame): Google controls the internet, this is their form of social media, so use it, be Google’s friend!


The tools I use for blog editing are not limited to apps on my phone, I am constantly working on my blog on my PC, and here are the tools that I use for that!

Blog Editing Tools on PC

PicMonkey– I would not have most of the graphics on my blog if it weren’t for PicMonkey. I dove right in and splurged for the Royale membership and I haven’t looked back once! It is the best money I spend each month. I’m confident enough in my mastery of PicMonkey to design party invitations and other personal items with it! I will be sure to post once I do!

MailChimp– a blogger’s gotta have a way to send out e-newletters and MailChimp is the one I chose! It is one of my vital blogging tools, making campaign set up a breeze and results tracking simple!

Hemingway– this is one of those great editing tools! Run your post through the Hemingway editor to simplify and enhance readability. We all want to have better sounding content! Hemingway is here to help! (I ran this sentence through!!)

Unsplash– we all need our free images, so why not sign up for weekly emails from Unsplash and get them delivered right to your inbox? I download one, two or all ten and save them to my stock folder, where they’re always ready for me!

Google AdWords Keyword Planner– this is one piece of blog software that totally mystified me at first, but that I’ve grown to love. For any post I write, I will run a few main ideas through the tool and produce a list of tags and keywords to use in the post. Again, Google runs the internet, why not make your blog posts more SEO friendly using their software? No-brainer!


I hope this (extensive) list has been helpful! Check out my #Top5 Apps for Getting Organized post for more techie goodness, and My Favorite Instagram Accounts to spice up a lackluster feed. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see these apps in action! 

Helene in Between Blogtober


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