For anyone who thought this was going to be a post about the state of Indiana, my apologies, it’s about only the greatest of action heroes known to man: Dr. Indiana Jones.

He is my hero, and I love all 3 of these movies, I grew up with them! they are ingrained in me!

I figured, what better way to celebrate the last day of my personal #100daysofGetMoving challenge than with my personal hero, Indie himself?! So today Indiana Jones, I salute you! Thanks for getting me moving!

If you’ve followed along with me, moving and shaking since July 15, that is awesome, and congrats to you! I’ve learned so much about getting motivated and keeping myself moving and going over this time. It’s been great to have the little voice in my head constantly pushing me to get up and go! I really held myself accountable since I always wanted to have new fresh updates on the blog to share with everyone, and hopefully inspire you too!

Here are my fave moments from the challenge, in convenient gallery form! Click through to the original post for all of the updates, info, tips and inspiration you can handle!


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