Behind-the-Blog Interview with Mom with Style

Today I have a very special post for you, SnapGinger’s first ever Behind-the-Blog Interview! I had the pleasure of working with Melissa at Mom with Style on the interview, and she is just lovely! I couldn’t agree with her more on her effortless approach to effortless fashion for moms and women on the go! Read on for an in depth look behind the curtain at Mom with Style, and don’t forget to visit Melissa at her blog and show some love! Links to follow Melissa are below as well!

How did you come up with your blog name and concept?

My blog name came from the idea of my blog. I wanted to help inspire other mommies to get their sense of fashion back. Sometimes it’s hard when your a mom, there’s just so many things to do and we tend to leave everything we did care about. I want to help moms create looks that are easy to put together and help them feel confident!

What makes you different from other bloggers?

Really good question! I just try to be myself and not be what I think people would like. In some post you can see me wearing a coach bag and have a walmart sweater. It’s not how much things are rather how you can put them together 😉

What is the most interesting or quirky topic you’ve blogged about?

I believe my most interesting topic I talk about are my weekend recap. I consider weekends to be family time. In my weekend recap not only do I talk about what I am wearing, but I include my kids and any family activities we had

What is your tried and true method for connecting with your readers?

I talk to my reader as if I know them and we are friends. I think being “real” is a way to connect with people.

What is something you’ve done that you wouldn’t have had you not started blogging?

I would of gone back to nursing school to continue my education.

If you could tell a new blogger the one most important thing to remember, what would it be?

Mange your time! This way you can have time to do everything you need to.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish in 2015?

I hope to continue blogging and enjoying every minute of it. I hope in this blogging experience I can connect with other mommies as well!

How do you manage your personal life, a blog and being so stylish?!

Time management. I am the type of person who has her planner with her at all time. Besides that I am very forgetful, I also like being organize. By being organize I make sure I have time to do everything for my family and squeeze in some “me time”. And it helps when you have an amazing hubby that helps out!

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I hope you enjoyed meeting Melissa of Mom with Style, and if you’re interested in your own Behind-the-Blog Interview, check out my sponsor page for more details!


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