Delightful Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Black Friday is here, the shopping game is on and you have a ton of turkey leftover, now what to make? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite recipes for turkey and sides, as well as some chicken recipes. This list of Thanksgiving leftover ideas is hearty, hot and satisfying, these will be sure to please! Just when you thought Thanksgiving Station was through, I’ve got more recipes for you! Click on each image to view the recipe!

Think outside the box and swap in leftover turkey for chicken in this collection of yummy recipes.  Just by subbing in some shredded or chopped turkey, you can expand the traditional Thanksgiving flavor profile and make some delicious tacos, soups or a pot pie!

Here are some unique and interesting turkey recipes to twist up your leftover game. Add cheese, dough and bake to delicious bubbliness and turn your turkey into scrumptious new dishes!

Here are some delightful recipes for the leftover trimmings and turkey accompaniments: pumpkin, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce! Why not make something really different like a smoothie, dessert or breakfast treat?!

I hope you use some of these delicious recipes for your leftover turkey. I think I might make another turkey just to make them all!

your new faves


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