Home for the Holidays- Time to make your Holiday Crafts!

Welcome to the holidays at SnapGinger! We have reached that point in the year: 30 days left ’til Christmas. Today I’m launching my Home for the Holidays series. Every Monday leading up to Christmas, I will have a new post for you full of Holiday crafts, gifts, ideas and all the trimmings! Follow along with me to make your Christmas beautiful, easy and fun!

First up, here is a list of all the goodies I am gifting this year, varying up the quantities and combinations based on who the gifts are for:

Personalized Paper Mache Ornaments
Personalized Wooden Plaques
Peppermint Glitter Candles
Monogrammed Wooden Spoon
Monogrammed Kitchen Towel
Picture Frame Memory Wreath
Snappy Peppermint Bark

Ornament and Decorative Plaques from Lil' Luna!

Ornament and Decorative Plaques from Lil’ Luna!

For the personalized ornaments, I followed this tutorial from Lil’ Luna. Her photos are amazing and the steps were really easy to follow! I added my own spin with the glitter letters and names! I also added 2014 to a few to commemorate an anniversary and baby birth year! This is a simple way to customize each piece for the person you’re giving it to. Show them you made it special, just for them!

For the decorative plaques, I followed another tutorial from Lil’ Luna– the girl is gifted! I hot glued my ribbon to the back instead of stapling them on and it worked out well. I had a lot of fun making these items- there is something to be said for the simple acts of painting and gluing. It all made me feel so happy it was holiday time and thankful that I had such wonderful people to make these gifts for!

DIY: Glitter Candles from Brunch at Saks!

DIY: Glitter Candles from Brunch at Saks!

I followed along with this easy tutorial on Brunch at Saks, and was able to turn dollar store candles into delightful holiday table decor! This one might have been the easier project yet, and who doesn’t love glitter!! I picked up peppermint scented candles to go with my overall theme, and they smell divine. I of course made one for our house! I saw these for sale on H&M for almost $4, and I love mine even more.

One thing I will add to the tutorial is to definitely add another coat of modge podge to the top of the glitter. Also, one thing I accidentally skipped, remove the candle label first. I was able to cover mine with a second coat of glitter, but that wouldn’t have been necessary if I had removed the labels.

DIY Wood Burned Kitchen Spoons from Cherished Bliss!

DIY Wood Burned Kitchen Spoons from Cherished Bliss!

These are so fun! What could be cooler than a simple, personalized wooden spoon to use around your kitchen?! I love this tutorial from Cherished Bliss, and changed it up a bit when I found these wooden spoons on Amazon for a steal! I added the last initial of the gift recipients to the back of my spoon, since the handles weren’t wide enough for them. 

The wood burning tool is my new favorite crafting gear. I am looking for more excuses to use it. Maybe some personalized cutting boards? I use a wooden spoon once or twice a day, so I hope my family and friends will think of me as they use theirs!

No Sew Monogrammed Towels- Uncommon Designs

No Sew Monogrammed Towels- Uncommon Designs

The perfect compliment to my wooden spoons are my monogrammed towels! I got the idea from this post on Uncommon Designs and ran with it! I was able to find towels with a red stripe on Amazon, making them perfect for the holidays, and versatile for Valentine’s Day, and Patriotic Summer holidays! I do love a multi-function gift!

Here is my ironing station! Get ready to press these out nice, they look so clean and crisp once that’s done. The felt letters are a little on the pricey side, especially since I would have needed 4 packs, as most of my giftees have the same last initial. If you’re getting just one pack, it works out, but I found that using iron on transfers was more cost effective for me. I always have those on hand, and I was able to choose the font that I wanted and change up the color, giving everyone one with a black initial and one with a red initial.

Picture Frame Memory Wreath- Infarrantly Creative

Picture Frame Memory Wreath- Infarrantly Creative

This Picture Frame Memory Wreath post from KariAnne at Inffarantly Creative is the post that got the Christmas craft ball rolling for me. I saw this and thought “I can do this! It won’t be super easy, but I can do it and people will love it!” So that’s what I did. I sourced the ingredients, worked on it patiently, and whipped up two of these amazing wreaths! One for my parents, and one for my honey’s parents. These wreaths are really something that will last a lifetime, and can be changed up year after year with new photos! This project was so worth it!

As you’ll see in the first photo above, when I removed the kickstand from the back of the frames, I accidentally removed the other part of the hinge. This is where the tutorial instructs to thread the wire. Since I was missing that, I opened the back of the frame and placed the wire through the frames themselves. It worked out ok, but try to be more careful if you try this one!

went back in and hot glued some of the frames into the positions that I liked best, which I think resulted in a nicer finished product. Be advised, one of my grapevine wreathes was fine, but one was super messy, and left a lot of debris on my carpet (check out the 3rd photo). I would suggest maybe laying down an old sheet or craft paper first for easier clean up, especially if you’re hot gluing too. Final pics will be up soon, I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet!

Another thing I found tricky was finding the actual frames. 2″x3″ is not the easiest size to find, but I managed to pick up half at Michael’s and half at the Dollar Store. This helped to cut down on costs, since you need 24 frames for each wreath, and added a nice contrast between the frames.

Lastly I added my final creation to the crafty goodness: Quick & Easy, Two Ingredient Peppermint Bark. What says holidays more than a homemade treat?! Stay tuned for the recipe for that, as well as my tips on trimming it up for the holidays in an upcoming post!

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