Stocking Stuffer Guide for Guys

You’re right in the middle of a 4 day post special, and we’re all about Stocking Stuffers here on SnapGinger. Each day I will include a guide for the 4 main gifting categories: Kids, Gals, Guys and Pets. We can’t forget about the pets! The link for the Kids and Gals Editions are below, next up is the Guys Edition!

Guys are so hard to buy for! I find that practical and useful items are the best way to go. Guys are usually really happy with the basics: underwear, under shirts, socks and razors. It’s best to keep it simple. I recommend gift cards for guys as well. Do they like to golf? Are they outdoorsy and into hiking and skiing? A gift certificate to a sporting goods or specialty store will cover their favorite activities and help to get them geared up for the occasion!

Click on any image below to get more info on these stocking stuffers for guys!

If your guy is anything like mine, he is impossible to buy for. I purchase a lot of basics for him for his birthday, so that leaves me with few options for Christmas. We started a tradition of taking a weekend trip instead of swapping gifts, but I still like to give him a stocking stuffer. My rule? If all else fails, and ugly sweater should be just funny enough to work!

your new faves


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