Home for the Holidays- All the Trimmings

Welcome back to the holidays at SnapGinger! Today I’m continuing with my Home for the Holidays series. Every Monday leading up to Christmas, I will have a new post for you full of Holiday crafts, gifts, ideas and all the trimmings! Follow along with me to make your Christmas beautiful, easy and fun!

First off, I want to share some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest!





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Now onto my own brand of wrapping goodness! As you may recall, I crafted my heart out in the first Home for the Holidays post, and needed something to gift all of the goodies in. I picked up red bins from the Dollar Store, and made them extra special with glitter ornaments, cellophane and a beautiful bow!

To beef up the homemade items in my gift baskets, I added a few store bought items to make each gift really special. I picked up platters and cookie cutters at Michael’s, along with some round ornaments. I also added in a Silicone Spatula from Amazon, to complete the Home for the Holidays theme! I’ve linked up the Kitchen Towels and Wooden Spoons that I DIY’s for you below! 


Using some of my tips from my Truly Epic Gift Bag post, I built up my Home for the Holidays gift baskets on a layer of tissue. I added in items and positioned them for optimal viewability, so that every craft and item could be seen as best as possible. The spatulas and wooden spoons added nice height, and the platter added bulk. I rolled the towels to display the monograms, while saving some space and adding visual interest. 

For the pet owners on my list, I added in a jar of Homemade Good Doggie Treats, using this recipe from Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars. Here is a printable label that I created too! The name is a Modern Family reference to the Good Doggie Bad Doggie Training system- you can put a label on either side and turn the jar around depending on how your dog is acting!

I topped the baskets with handmade decorative trinkets like this Jingle Bell Wreath and these Snowflake Pom poms! As you can see, I made some extras to decorate around our house with, and added the mini wreaths to the tree!

Are you struggling with how to package a larger present? Here I’ve included some photos of what we brought to a friend’s house for a holiday housewarming, and how I packaged it all up!

As promised, here is my recipe for my Quick & Easy, Two Ingredient Peppermint Bark, as well as my tips on packaging it and trimming it up for the perfect holiday gift!

Quick & Easy, Two Ingredient Peppermint Bark


4 12oz bags of White Candy Melts
2 boxes of mini candy canes (approx 60 mini candy canes)


1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, set aside.
2. In a large freezer bag, add all of your candy canes and roll over with a rolling pin or crush under a cookie sheet. Reserve a few teaspoons of crushed candy canes for topping.
3. Follow the instructions for melting on your Candy Melts bag. I worked with one bag at a time, adding it to a microwave safe bowl, and microwaving at half power (or defrost) for one minute. I removed the bowl (it will be hot!), stirred the melts and microwaved at 30 second intervals until everything was melted.
3. Stir in 1/4 of the candy canes into each melted bowl of Candy Melts and mix thoroughly. 
4. Spread out each portion of your Candy Melts and candy cane mixture onto 1/4 of your baking sheet. This allows you to work in batches, but combine all of your mixture onto one sheet for barking! (yes, barking is a word!)
5. After adding all of your candy cane and Candy Melt mixture to the baking sheet, top with your reserved crushed candy canes.
6. Let mixture cool in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes. Remove from fridge and break into pieces as large or as small as you like. I like to make mine 2 bite size!
7. Serve and enjoy! 

This makes a perfect gift! I packaged mine up in white take out boxes decorated with washi tape. These cute boxes were added to each of my gift baskets, and I had a few extra for neighbors, co-workers and friends that we visited around the holidays. Peppermint Bark makes for a refreshing dessert treat around the holidays! 

Chinese Take Out Food Boxes: 16 oz. – White

If you have any questions about any of the techniques I used, or have your own tips and tricks to share, leave them in the comments below!

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