How to Wrap a Gift Using 4 Pieces of Tape

Today I have a really quick gift-wrapping tutorial for you. I am showing you how to wrap a gift with only 4 pieces of tape! This method is simple, quick, effective and efficient. We all need more efficiency around the holidays if you ask me! Enjoy!

Step 1– Size up up your box and trim down the paper as needed. The box should lay front side facing down, and the paper should come up to the middle of the box. Add first piece of tape.

Step 2– Wrap the paper around the box and overlap the first piece, going slightly over the middle of the box. Add second piece of tape.

Step 3– Fold your corners in on a flat surface for a clean edge. I do one side of both ends, and then flip the box over and do the other side for nice crisp edges. Trim the excess from the bottom/back folds.

Step 4– Fold down the bottom edge of your ends. Fold the top edge over that. Add your 3rd piece of tape.

Step 5– Seal up the edges for the other side of the box. Add your fourth piece of tape. You can stop here and add a sticky bow and gift tag, or tie some ribbon and add a bow like I did below.

Happy Wrapping!

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