Found: $100 in my pocket

Well, not really, I didn’t really find $100 in my pocket. But the idea of that sounded super cool to me. I would def be happy if I found $100 in my pocket! While recently perusing one of my fave  blogs, T.O. & fro, I stumbled upon Mar’s post on Blog Post Ideas. One of them was: “If you had an extra $100 in your pocket, what would you do with it?”

Well, Mar, here is what I would do with it:

Option 1: Take my honey out on a date, maybe the driving range or the movies, and then head to dinner, OR pick us up two lift tickets to a local mountain for a snowboarding date. We love those! And grab a toy for Roxy!

Option 2: Head to my fancy local market, the one with the organic foods and expensive cheeses and pick out some amazing ingredients for a recipe I might not otherwise make. And some really great wine to go with it! 

Option 3: Deposit it into my savings. Booooo boring. haha yest responsible, ugh!

What would you do if you found $100 in your pocket?!


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