Guest Post: Mixing Prints with Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart

It’s a Jersey Girl party over here on SnapGinger today. I have the beautiful fashion blogger Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart sharing her tips on mixing prints. She is super talented and has a lot of fun on her blog, and creating the goodies in her Etsy shop, Lilly In Pink. Read on for all the great tips!

Hey there everyone!  Since Jamie’s on vacation I’m filling in for the day.  I’m a fashion blogger over at Jersey Girl, Texan Heart   If you couldn’t tell by the title I’m a Jersey girl with a love for Texas.  I like to wear heels one day and cowgirl boots the next.  It depends on my mood.  I also run at Etsy shop (making bangles and mason jar home decor) at Lilly In Pink.  Now enough about me, let’s move on to the actual reason of this post.  I wanted to give some tips and tricks on how to mix prints!

Hat:  Ralph Lauren (gifted) // Poncho:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Faux Leather Leggings:  Marshalls // Booties:  Kensie (Lord & Taylor) // Tunic:  H&M (old)

Here are some basic rules.

1.  Don’t be afraid.
In order to really wear more than print you have to OWN IT.  You must be fierce.  If you mix leopard print and stripes for example if you look uncomfortable it’ll just look awkward.  Bring out your inner Beyonce ladies!

2.  Colors.
The outfit I’m showing you today is white and black for both prints.  This is more of a subtle pattern mixing and it’s moreso if you’re not 100% comfortable and just want to test it out.  However, if you are feeling extremely bold make sure the colors work together.  The colors have to compliment each other.  If you aren’t sure if something works go for a  neutral color or even a black or white and mix it with bold colors.

3.  Accessorize.
You have to make sure that you can somehow break everything up a little bit.  Either wear some statement pieces, hats, interesting shoes, etc.  I chose to wear a hat and  my favorite ankle booties at the moment.

Now, if you ever have any questions regarding fashion or need some inspiration you’re more than welcome to come visit me at Jersey Girl, Texan Heart!  Or if you’d like to follow me on any social media here they are:

Instagram @JerseyGirlTexanHeart

Twitter @JerseyGTexanH

Pinterest @JerseyGTexanH

Facebook @JerseyGirlTexanHeart

YouTube @ModabyMonika


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