5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner Has Changed Me- Guest Post: Jenn from hellorigby!

While Roxy is vacationing with my parents, Jenn from hellorigby! was kind enough to provide an extra special dose of doggy fun here on SnapGinger! Jenn blogs a lot about Rigby, which is just fine with me because he is adorable, but also about fashion and thrifting, books and reading, and beauty. Her videos are highly entertaining, and she is constantly sharing new information, and always keeping it interesting! Enjoy the Rigby photos and Jenn’s post today!

5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner Has Changed Me

Just shy of two years ago, my whole world was rocked when we picked up a little Shiba Inu named Rigby. Rigby is my very first dog, and I would have never guessed as to how much he would change me. He basically took over my life – including inspiring the name of my blog, hellorigby.com, where I write about fashion, life, and obviously, my dog. 😉 Since Jamie is a big dog lover (and isn’t Roxy the cutest?!), I figured sharing 5 ways becoming a dog owner has changed me would be relatable to all of the other dog lovers out there.

5 Ways Becoming a Dog Owner has Changed Me / hellorigby.com

1. Less selfish

A dog is basically like a small child. Especially as a puppy, Rigby was a major drain on time and energy. I had to stop looking out for number one and look out for his best interests, be his advocate when he was scared or overwhelmed by something as a puppy, and think of him first when making plans to go out after work.

2. Made me happier

Even though it sounds like I had to give up a lot to have a dog (like you know, personal freedom and all) it’s totally worth it. I mean, nothing melts your heart more than a big butt wiggle, airplane ears, and some howls when you arrive back home. Plus, dogs know how to make you feel better when you’re down. I came down with an awful bacterial infection a couple of years ago and Rigby would not leave my bedside. When I was feeling bad, he would even sit there and cry too. I like to think he was having sympathy sickness. 😉

rigby the shiba inu

3. Filled a hole

Before Rigby, my boyfriend, Dave, had a senior Pitbull named Bonnie. One Sunday morning we woke up to find the whites of her eyes and skin had turned yellow. We rushed her to the emergency vet where they discovered many tumors growing in her liver and spleen. We were heartbroken and left with the worst decision – let her health degrade or put her to rest.

You can guess what we did, and it tore us up. About a week later, we knew we couldn’t survive long without another pet. So, the quest for our next puppy began and led us to Rigby.

4. Stress less

I find that happiness and joy that comes from a dog leads me to stress less. Going along with number two, having a dog makes you smile more, makes you laugh a lot more (because if you don’t laugh about him or her eating your shoes, you’re sure to be crying…) and you find a lot more joy in the small things.

Rigby the Shiba Inu plays with his rope toy / hellorigby!

5. Broadened horizons

Did you know about the benefits of feeding pets raw food? How about fostering dogs? I didn’t know much about either of these topics either until I was a dog owner. Wanting the best for my dog led me to seek out all sorts of new books, articles, and I even joined several Facebook groups specific to his breed. I’ve met a ton of new people and made lifelong connections, all from owning a dog.

Assuming you’re a dog owner, how has your life changed since owning your furry friend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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