Cute V- Day Gifts for Him

Another watch, scarf, toiletry set…Zzzzzz Sorry I fell asleep! The options for men’s gifts are just boring! We had a tough enough time during the holidays trying to pick out great gifts for our men, and Valentine’s Day is no different. It’s all hearts and flowers, chocolate and jewels, but picking up a cute gift for you man can be tricky. My favorite Valentine’s Day idea for him:  Game Night! This is something you can do together, and is a tradition that you can carry on year after year! 

I’ve linked up some of my favorite games below, and we all know that no game night is complete without snacks! I’ve linked up everything you will need for a great game night: A popcorn maker, dishes for ice cream sundaes, comfy cozy pjs and candy!

Jenga Classic Game

Hasbro Games

Pictionary Game

Mattel Games

Do you like this idea for a cute gift for him for Valentine’s Day?

your new faves


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