“Put a Ring on It” Ring Holder- Be a Better Bridesmaid

My Be a Better Bridesmaid Series is one of my favorite things about this blog! I just love writing each post, and I especially love when it involves crafting. Today I’m bringing to you a Valentine’s Day craft for the Bride-to-Be: the “Put a Ring on it” Ring Holder. Every lovely lady needs a place to put her bling, and this is it! I just love this craft, and it couldn’t be any simpler. You start with a simple frame and transform it into a special keepsake for your best friends, or for yourself 😉

I was inspired by this post on Kristi’s blog, but didn’t have a pretty little frame on hand. So I popped into Michael’s and found an assortment of small candy colored frames that I knew would be perfect. I have a few friends who have gotten engaged recently, so I was able to pick up a frame for each of them! Next I headed over to the scrap book department to find the perfect “bridal” paper. I wanted a subtle pattern, with some shimmer or iridescence, and I was really happy with what I found. Next I picked up corsage pins, with pearl toppers, and tiny cork rounds.

After you gather your supplies (only four), and grab some items you have on hand, this project comes together quickly. And it’s fun to make because you can personalize it to the giftee. Trust me, minimal crafting skills are needed: just be able to use scissors and glue, that’s it! Follow along with me and make a “Put a Ring on It” Ring Holder for someone special!

“Put a Ring on It” Ring Holder

Small frame
Cork round
Corsage pin
Scrapbook paper
Scissors, hot glue gun

1. Remove the glass (or plastic) from your frame, remove the paper insert, set aside.
2. Cut scrapbook paper to size of paper insert.
3. Glue cork round to middle of insert. Once dry, glue the cork round to the back of the scrapbook paper. You will end up with a cork round sandwich.
4. Put your cork round sandwich back into the frame, with the scrapbook paper facing out, and close the frame to secure.
5. Insert the pin at a downward angle, making sure that it is tight.
6. Add a pretty ring and display prominently! 

How darling is this ring holder?! As you can see, your options are endless! You can stick to a basic white or metallic frame, or go full rhinestone! If your Bride-to-Be knows her color scheme, you can find a frame in that color, or keep it classic with a pearl frame. You can choose any scrapbook paper that you like, maybe a super girly pink or a pretty gold! 

As with any gift I give, my favorite part is wrapping it up! I found the perfect tiny gift bag, so the frame wouldn’t move around too much and get damaged. I added lots of tissue paper, and a gift tag made out to the “Future Mrs.”

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day craft, and I hope you check out the rest of the Be a Better Bridesmaid Series, linked below!


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