Valentine’s Date Night Looks for All Body Types

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means date night! The biggest challenge for me is what to wear! February is smack in the middle of winter, and close on the heels of the holiday season. Between busy schedules, stress and resolutions to work out more and eat healthy, you may not feel your best. But you can look your best, as long as you dress for your body type! Here are a few tips I put together, along with a look book of Valentine’s Date Night Ready Fashion, for all body types! 
First start by determining your body type. I found this article helpful, which tells you to focus on shape instead of height and weight. There are five main body types: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. They are outlined on the celebrities below. Each woman is more gorgeous than the next, and each one has a different body type!

Source: She Knows

Source: She Knows

For those ladies with a pear shaped body, the best parts to emphasize are your waist and arms, while minimizing your hips. A dress with a cinched waist  would be great for Valentine’s Date night! Or try an A-line midi skirt in a bright festive hue!

For those ladies with a wedge body type, you want to accentuate your lower body, while softening your shoulders. Here is a fashion DO with bright color on the bottom in the full skirt, which calls attention to your waistline and creates the illusion of a waist. A super fancy red dress with tights will give you the look of love on Valentine’s Day!

If you have a rectangle body shape, you want to show off your arms and legs, and create curves. VaVaVaVoom in a hot red dress, paired with nude pumps to make your legs look like they go for days! Or try a ruffled, patterned top with a striking red blazer.

Ladies with an apple body shape should elongate the torso and show off those legs! Try a romantic mini dress in a blush pink, or go for classic red with a coordinating scarf and coat.

Have you been mistaken for Beyonce or ScarJo because of your curvy hourglass figure? Why not have fun with it on Valentine’s Day and show off your curves?! Try pairing fun plaid or a bright pink blazer with skinny jeans. Or rock a high waisted skirt to show off your hips.

Are you worred about being cold on Valentine’s Day? Here are some examples of super chic coats in lovely hues to top off any ensemble.

I hope you’re ready to get ready in one of these chic and romantic Valentine’s Date Night Looks!

Helene in Between

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