Peach Raspberry Chia Smoothie Recipe

I have been on such a smoothie kick this year, and even had Heather from eSmoothieRecipes as a guest posting a new smoothie just for my readers! I wanted to make a festive pink smoothie for Valentine’s Day, and came up with the S.W.A.K. Peach Raspberry Chia Smoothie!

I used homemade horchata as the base for this smoothie, and kicked up the flavor with tangy raspberries and sweet peaches. Apples add fiber and Chia Seeds add off the charts nutritional benefits without adding any flavor to the smoothie.  

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients (like fiber and protein) while being low in calories, and are loaded with antioxidants. They can help you lose weight, are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and can help lower your risk of heart disease. Chia Seeds are good for your bones and give you energy! And they are the perfect addition to a smoothie, because you won’t even notice they’re there!

S.W.A.K. Peach Raspberry Chia Smoothie

1 apple
1 peach
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 cups homemade horchata (or milk of your choice)
2 tsp chia seeds

1. Chop apple and peach into chunks to make it easier to blend. I did not remove the skins, but you can. Discard pits and seeds.
2. Add 2 cups homemade horchata to the blender. Recipe linked below and here.
3. Add your fruit to the blender.
4. Pour chia seeds into blender.
5. Blend thoroughly until smooth, 2-3 minutes. 

*Snap Tip:
Using frozen raspberries will keep the smoothie cold and, well, smooth. You can substitute in fresh raspberries, and also add 1/2 cup of ice and blend.

Homemade Horchata from Averie Cooks!

Homemade Horchata from Averie Cooks!

Pin the recipe image below to save it for later! The perfect pink color will make your loved ones so happy, and don’t forget to seal it with a kiss! S.W.A.K.!

Pin the recipe to save it!

Pin the recipe to save it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the Valentine’s Day festivities here at SnapGinger! In case you missed anything, all of my posts are linked below! Click on each image to view the post.


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