A Guide to Hairstyles for Different Types of Dresses

We’re on the cusp of Spring (even thought it might not feel like it) and with Spring comes the chance to wear dresses again! Fancy, formal, casual, strapless or halter, there is a dress for everyone! There is also a hairstyle for each dress! You might be a bridesmaid or attending a wedding or a fun party, or even a backyard BBQ. Whether you love a high pony, chic bun or side swept hairdo, the option is yours, so check out my guide to hairstyles for different types of dresses.


First up is the strapless dress. This style really lends itself well to hair worn down, or in a half up half down style. I love to blow my hair out nicely, using an argan oil to smooth and a shine spray for shine. The I like to tease the crown of my head with a teasing comb, pull it into a half up and pin, and spray it with a medium hold hairspray to finish.


The cut of a sleeveless dress gives you the opportunity to rock a fantastic statement necklace. Why not compliment your bling with a high pony?! Tease your crown before pulling your hair back, and tying it up with a decorative ponytail holder. Lastly, finish with a a medium hold hairspray. 


Halter dresses tend to have a higher neckline, and can be complimented with a chic bun. Whether you’re into a ballerina bun on the top of your head, or a chignon at your neck, you will need plenty of bobby pins! You will also need a strong hold hairspray to keep it all together. Take this opportunity to add a decorative hair pin or flower to enhance your stylish bun!


I love myself a good short sleeve or cap sleeve dress. It is such an effortless style and can really be dressed up with fancy pumps or dressed down with flats. Just like the photo above, my favorite hairstyle to wear with a short sleeve dress is a side pony. You can switch this up by doing a less formal side-pin, using bobby pins. I watched an awesome makeup and hair tutorial the other day by YouTube vlogger beautybykristy. She recreated a Carrie Underwood look and her side-pin is totally steal worthy!


One shoulder dresses, to me, are the most flexible of dresses to work with hair wise. The neckline generally limits you to statement earrings, sans necklace, but your hair options are open! I could see a simple curled hairstyle complimenting this dress, or one of the other styles I’ve already covered: a half up, high pony, chic bun or side-pin. It’s up to you if you want to wear your hair to the opposite side of your shoulder strap, or on the same side. Wearing your hair down makes this dress look a little more accessible to me.

Here are a few of my favorite hair looks from various events! Which one is your favorite?!


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