A Simple St Patrick’s Day

I don’t always wear kelly green, but when I do, it’s on St Patrick’s Day! I really do love a good festive St. Patrick’s Day, complete with green clothing, green food and green drink options. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite St Patrick’s Day foods, and included links to make all of the fabulous recipes.

I’ve also linked up some inspiring decor options if you’re having company. If you’re heading out, I’ve put together some fantastic party looks to keep you looking fresh and so green green. I couldn’t resist that one!!

Party Menu and Decor

Corned Beef & Cabbage from the Pioneer Woman is so delicious, I’m making it again this year. It’s my new fave un-traditional, traditional recipe!

Simple and festive party treats for kids of all ages.

An easy centerpiece combining items you may already have on hand- inexpensive and elegant!

Why not try a funky twist on traditional cupcakes that is so clever?!

Green rice that is tasty and delightful, in the hue of the holiday.

Moist cookies from a cake mix, and easy to boot!

All green Fresh fruit, sticking to the palette, literally 😉

You know how I feel about pot pies, and this one has Guiness and beef as main ingredients!!

Thin Mint Truffles?! Made with Three Ingredients?! Need I go on?!

Leprachauns get parched, why not rehydrate with a boozy shake?!

The options don’t stop there, here is an assortment of green cocktails!

Why make my Minty Leprechan Magic Bars for a simple St. Patty’s Day Treat?!

Party Look

A festive top in a bold green hue, paired with basic black. Swap in a chic pair of cropped black pants and leopard pumps to change it up!

Or try green pants with a white or black top. Add a pop of color with orange jewelry!

Don’t forget a festive party nails manicure!

Take the opportunity to try a green and brown smoky eye!

Or get your glimmer on with gold and green shimmer eyes.

Have fun and be safe this St. Patty’s Day!!!


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