Why Urban Decay is my Favorite Makeup Brand

This is not a sponsored post (I wish!). I had a Sephora gift certificate to use, and I had been reading about the new product launch from Urban Decay, and decided that my Sephora destiny was to buy it! I had my eye on the Naked Skin liquid foundation for a while, but the powder foundation was what really sold me. I had been loving using powder over my foundation and BB creams as of late, and now I love it even more. 

I will get into my steps and the products below, but, I have to tell you, I got 3 compliments yesterday alone about how flawless my makeup looked! AND I was only using the powder foundation over a drug store foundation, not even the full Urban Decay lineup. I am in love!

Check out this flawless face! I used my favorite Urban Decay products to create this look, and I am obsessed! Some standouts are: 

Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation, I use Light Neutral

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, I use color 3

Perversion Mascara

Naked On The Run Palette

Now that I’ve shown you the after, here are the “durings,” including the steps I took!

The left is me and all my bare skin glory (I patted a touch of my favorite concealer on my under eye circles!). I picked up the UD foundation brush as well, and it is so FUN to use. Is that even possible?! It is!

The right is my face with only the liquid foundation on, glorious start! I do find I like a finishing powder over this, though it might not be totally necessary, but I’m crazy about it!

Here I am post powder and ready for highlight and contour, as well as some eye makeup and brows!! Flaws be gone!

Brows are done, and I’ve applied the Perversion Mascara to my right eye, to show you just how awesome it makes my lashes look! My eyes pop with this stuff. Another UD product I’m dying to try is the Mascara Resurrection. This is meant to be used in the middle of the day or evening to resurrect morning mascara, and allow for nighttime reapplication. I need this in my life!

A few other tidbits from UD that I love are the B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray, and the All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I’ve had these travel sized versions forever, so I know when it’s time to upgrade to the full sizes, I will have them for a long time!

Here are some of the other products I used: my fancy new Sephora brush, my favorite concealer (Maybelline Instand Age Rewind), and the amount of foundation I use, just one pump!

I am loving how soft and feminine the products in the On the Run Palette are. They compliment my skin tone so well, and really allow for a range of looks! The eyeliner they include is so soft and blendable, and the lip gloss is a really nice mauve color, perfect for day or evening!

There are a few other UD I have on my wish list as well, and I can’t wait for another Sephora trip to pick them up!!

Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 20

Naked Illuminated, baked powder

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, though I’m not sure how this will replace my precious Maybelline version, but, hey, you never know!

Trust me on this one, if you pick up anything from Urban Decay, you will likely fall in love. Please let me know if you do!!

your new faves


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